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I have a Samsung washer and sometimes it simply does not fill

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I have a Samsung washer and sometimes it simply does not fill with water. I have investigated the valves and ever replaced the level sensor.

When it starts, it just acts as though everything is fine and will actually complete the full wash cycle without water. There are not any NF errors or the like. Again, this is intermittent, other times it works fine. What I find is if it does not fill with water I simply power off and disconnect the fill sensor (electrically). From there I power on and start the washer and then plug the level sensor it back in when the unit gives an error. From there it self resets the cycle and everything works fine. Note, I have already tried replacing the level sensor but no change. Do I need a new controller?

Also, I don't know if there is anything special about how much water can be in the system when you connect the pneumatic line to the sensor.
Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today. do you have a model number ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


okay, Now since you checked the valves and the water level control has been replaced theres only a couple of thing left that would cause this issue. Either the wiring harness is bad (or a connector on it) or the main control board like you said. this is the pressure switch you replaced correct ? Pressure Switch DC96-01703B Main Product View one other thing you should do is pull the rubber hose off the pressure switch and blow through it to make sure its clear. these can clog and if they do it can think theres water already in it and do a whole cycle without water. I believe thats what you said happened once. if all that checks out replace the control.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

First, yes, that is the level sensor I tried to replace and the hose is clear of obstructions.


So, the unit will consistently start and run with no water.

- If I turn it off unplug/plug-in the sensor and then power on - no change

- If I turn it off and change sensors - no change

- If I manipulate the wires/harness - no change


However, if I start the unit and then briefly unplug/plug-in the sensor it immediate fills with water and functions normally for the balance of the wash cycle.


There are two PCBs, which do I replace next? I am assuming the "main" PCB.


Pcb main


Substitution: DC92-00301D

Assy pcb s




PART NUMBER: DC92-00301A the main pbc. this will take care of your issue, thanks , Bryan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, last question. The original part was DC92-00303A, Sears says to substitute with DC92-00303D, and another site says DC92-00303J can be used for either.


Most places seem to be out of stock for the "A" version, but I can find both "D" and "J" with "J" having the best price.


See the link below, it is $90 vs $147. Any thoughts?


the one from the link at the bottom is the same part and cheaper. I would go for that one. they just use their own part number

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
So I replaced the main control board and there was no change in function. Also, after closer inspection, I am finding that it does not run the full cycle with no water if I don't un-plug/plug the sensor. Rather the washer starts without water and runs for several minutes and then adds water. In fact, it appears that it is skipping the first fill event for both the wash and rinse cycles, but the second and third cycles function normally. The un-plugging and plugin in the sensor manually seems to trigger it to fill the first time.
thats really strange,the control board controls the fill and cycles, you replaced the fill sensor, (pressure switch) On some machines this will not fill the first few minutes of the cycle it usually runs and drains any water left in the tub before putting any water in are you sure thats whats not happening, do you remember how it started before this problem ? did it put water in at the beginning immediately ?