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I have a Samsung fridge RFG28AA (approx 3 yrs old) that stopped

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I have a Samsung fridge RFG28AA (approx 3 yrs old) that stopped working overnight now getting warm. The two front LED ice maker light were blinking repeatedly. I currently have the unit unplugged waiting 20mins as suggested by local hardware store.
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Good morning, your model number seems to be incomplete. can you check the tag on the refrigerator itself ? look inside on one of the side walls or the ceiling. thanks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Was trying to upload a pic -- The complete model is RFG298AARS

okay perfect. is the fan in the freezer running ? there a dual boards in this refrigerator . they are in the back if you pull this away from the wall. theres a cover over them. hers a diagram. the boards are 34 and 35. can you take a look at them and see if there are any burn marks on them.. also tell me if theres any burnt smell comming from them. one of those boards has failed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did pull the cover off and there is a smell I normally associate with a computer "giving up the ghost" (Im a computer tech) but I do not see any obvious burn marks. The lights on the front are blinking a code I think as it seems to alternate with a two quick flashes every so often just can not figure out the pattern.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My buttons look different but I have held and each set for 3 seconds (top pair, middle pair, bottom pair) however when I press them there is no indication of acknowledgement from the device. The display is completely off, just the leds are blinking.


okay pull the boards and check them on the other side. also smell them and see which one smells like it may be bad or brunt. these are tough refrigerators to diagnose. in the meantime I will check some more of my tech sheets and see what I can find on yours.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The bottom board has what looks like a piece of metal sticking out of a black piece of metal that is extermely hot. It is labled IC90 on the board.


ahhhh, there you go. thats the main PBA. if its overheating its bad. you will need to order and replace it. heres a link to the part. PBA

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