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1. Blower Fan Plastic failed and started making noise. 2. Purchased replacement blower fan and attempted to install. 3. Couldn't get the fan off the motor so purchased another motor. 4. Installed wrong motor P/N 279827 Needed P/N 279787 5. Started dryer to check if it was working. Ran for a few seconds and motor started smoking and cut off. 6. Took old motor and got the fan off. 7. Installed original motor. 8. Tried to start dryer but the motor relay clicks and dryer just beeps. 9.Called repairman - he said the dryer was receiving the proper voltage at the motor but the motor wouldn't start. 10. Ordered the correct new motor P/N 279787 11. Installed motor 12.Tried to start dryer but the motor relay clicks and dryer just beeps. 13. Checked belt switch it is operating correctly.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Can you check to see if the timer still counts down after you press the start button? Most of the time when this common issue happens, the dryer won't run but the timer will still count down.

If the timer is counting down, this means that your thermal fuse could have gone bad. If you remove the 3 screws along the bottom of the lower front panel, you can remove the lower front panel by pulling down and forward. Unplug the dryer and look behind the lint filter enclosure to the left. There is a little 1" thin flat white plastic device attached to the top of the blower wheel housing. Now there are actually 2 thin white plastic parts behind the lint filter and the fuse is the one future to the left. Check continuity and make sure it has continuity if you have a multimeter. If it happens to to test open or "bad", then replace the fuse.

Now if the fuse has continuity the only two other things that can cause this issue is if the dryer thinks the belt is broken. You said the belt switch was working properly so that only leaves a bad main control board. You will need to replace the main relay board mounted to the left side wall above the drum because it thinks that either the fuse is bad or the belt is broken. Based on the "smoking" statement you said you were getting, I would think that your main relay board has likely shorted a relay and the main board would need to be replaced.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just to be clear: The main relay board is the board that has the relay and buzzer on it. Correct? Also because it's possibly thinks the belt is broken could the bad component on the board be the micro-processor that's on there?

Yes, it's the part with the relay and buzzer on it. But I couldn't tell you which component on the board would actually go bad. Whirlpool doesn't sell separate components. That being said, to be clear, the part number for the board you'd need is(NNN) NNN-NNNN

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry we got disconnected because of the storm here. Can I have your email in the case I need to ask u another question after I get the board?

Unfortunately I can't contact you through any way other than this chat box. But you can come back days or weeks later even after you rate me in case you have follow-up questions. We leave the questions open to respond after today so that you can ask follow-up questions without having to pay again since it's still the same problem.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks for the info. I'm giving you an excellent rating,

Awesome, thank you very much and if you need anything else--just let me know.
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