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I have a jt952bof1bb ge profile double electric walloven. My

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I have a jt952bof1bb ge profile double electric walloven. My convection bake doesn't work. Fan won't kickonand it won't heat up. The bottom coil showed proper resistance on my meterand so did the coil on the back of the oven. The oven heats in the convection roast mode but the fan won't kick on. The oven works in the standard bake mode.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

If bake and broil function still work, but the convection does not, you could have a bad control board, or a bad convection element and fan motor. Unfortunately to test, you must pull the entire unit out of the wall in order to remove the back panel behind the unit and then test the fan motor as well as the convection element. The convection element is a round element around the fan blade behind the back panel inside the oven. Either way, the oven needs to be pulled out. Make sure the circuit breaker is turned off. Then you can remove the back panel and unplug the 2 wires going to the convection element. Test continuity through the element and if it's open, replace it. Reconnect the wires and disconnect the power plug to the convection fan motor. Turn the breaker on and turn the oven onto convection bake. Test power between black and blue OR red and blue. You should have 120 volts between one of those combinations (depending on which way the fan should be spinning at the time. If you don't have 120 volts on either combination, order and replace the main control board. If you do and it's not running, the convection fan motor needs to be replaced.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Will the convection fan normally run if the element isn't heating? If my rear convection element has continuity, can I unplug the convection element and test the wires to see if it is getting the proper voltage sent to it? If so should it be 110? Or 220? If the wires are getting the proper voltage would hat tell me the control board is working? I have an entire 2nd oven I bought on Craigslist to use for parts. I would like to trouble shoot as much as possible without pulling the unit from the wall as I don't have anyone to help me. I was able to get to the convection element through the front and test continuity before contacting you. The element is in tact and has continuity. Also, convection roast seems to be using thetop element not the back one. Is that normal? Is the convection element only used in convection bakeandnotconvection roast? Thanks for your help

If the convection element has continuity then the element itself is definitely good, which means that the element is not getting the needed 220volts or else the oven would be heating. That being said there is absolutely no way to test the convection fan motor without uninstalling the entire double oven. As to one of your other questions, no the convection element does not need to heat for the fan to function properly. At this point you know you need a new relay control board because the convection element tests good. Hopefully this will also solve your convection fan issue as well. But again there's no way to know 100% for sure without pulling the oven and testing power to the convection fan motor.


I do also want to say that if your light switch isn't working and the light doesn't turn on and off when you open the door (which you never mentioned) a bad door switch could cause this problem as well because the fane and element will not turn on if the oven doesn't think the door is shut.



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