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We need help with our Kenmore elec. stove.My son-in-law and

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We need help with our Kenmore elec. stove.My son-in-law and our normal stove repairman could not help us. We tried all the normal procedures. Here's the problem. On Thurs. 5/2 my wife put a loaf in the oven and ACCIDENTALLY hit the CLEAN mode. It locked down and the lite says "Oven Locked", which it is. We've waited the 4 hours---nothing. Numbers are as shown. MODEL NO. _ _ _ 46565791 and the SERIAL NO. is 7 V 2 1 5 0 4 7 Q. Not sure about the Q in the serial no. and could not really make out the first 3 digits of the model No. Not sure if you ever call but my phone no. is (XXX) XXX-XXXX ( Note-- the roast is a lost cause, but we need the use of the oven back and can't afford to junk the stove. It's too good for that) Will appreciate your help, and thank-you. xxxxxx

After you wait the 4 hours you must also wait until the temperature comes back down in order for the safety lock to release. If it still doesn't open you must take the cover off the back of the unit and press the release at the front by the door. You can only access this by taking off the back cover.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Cover off the back of the unit?? The stove/? It's a built in stove, so where is the cover to be removed?? I'd truly appreciate a phone call, which would be more helpful, if you could do so. Thanks, Sherman

Phone calls are against justanswer's policy. The stove is built in but once pulled out of the wall you can remove the rear panel and access the latch release. It is not easy and should be done by a service tech.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. My normal service tech could have done that, but thought it could be done with the right combo of the control knobs. Appreciate your thoughts and advice. Not very helpful, BUT it's all you could do, given the circumstances. I won't use this site again as any local service company could have told me the same at no charge. The policy on phone calls stinks since some of us still prefer to hear a human voice at the other end of the line. Sherman

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Don't truly know how to rate your service.? As I stated, you did what you could, but my problem is more with "Justanswer" and their policy. A $5,00 fee regardless and $30.00 if we're "Helped". So how do I respond? Our total S.S. income is less than $500 monthly. Stove is not worth over $100 in our local market. My tech would be $60-$80 PLUS the $30. Now, see my point?? So how do I rate your service. An A for response and effort and knowledge. An F for my feeling of satisfaction for information I could have received from any of our larger appliance repair companies., at no charge. Just tell me how to avoid the $25.00 beside the $5.00 fee. Thanks. Sherman

The rating system is for my answer not justanswer's policy, so please give me a decent rating and I will contact justanswer about the fee.
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