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We have a Miele CapricornThe red filter light and yellow

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We have a Miele Capricorn

The red filter light and yellow with vertical line lights are one. We replaced all the filters with Miele filters and checked to make sure they all snapped in properly. We pushed the reset button while the vaccum was off, while the vaccum was plugged in but off and while the vaccum was plugged in and turned on yet the lights did not reset. We checked to see that the hose was not clogged. We checked that the hose was attached properly.

The vaccum works and we get suction with all the variable speeds. The power nozzle works.

The problem is that the reset lights (yellow and red) do not reset. Are we doing something wrong
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Im not sure if you have the manual, so I have copied the exact reset instructions below

Replacing the Active HEPAfilterDo not use more than one exhaustfilter at a time.^Open the dust compartment lid.^Raise the filter and remove it.^Replace with a new filter, and push itdown into place.If you wish to replace the ActiveHEPA filter with a Super Air Cleanfilter see "Replacing one type ofexhaust filter with another".^Close the dust compartment lidfirmly. It should click into place.Resetting the exhaust filter changeindicatorThe filter change indicator needs to bereset each time the filter is replaced. Todo this the vacuum cleaner must beswitched on.^Press the reset button.The exhaust filter change indicatorgoes out and resets to zero.The filter change indicator can onlybe reset by pressing the resetbutton after the light has come on.Pressing the button at any other timewill have no effect.

If this still doesnt work for you, it seems like its a bad board.
Can you tell me how old this is please?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
As I wrote in my note, each of that had been done and none of it worked. I had replaced each of the filters and snapped everything in place to no avail. My thought is the board is corrupt but didn't want to replace the board if it was something easy.

Do you know where the board is and how to replace it? Is that something I can do or does it have to go to service center?

It is about 5-7 yrs old
Hi Randy

To be honest, this board is expensive and it would need to go in to a service center.

If everything else functions correctly, I personally, would write the date of the filter change on the filter, and replace it annually and just ignore the light.
The lamp is set by a timer and no damage will be doe by ignoring it, as long as you change the filter at least annually.

If you are using it with extremely fine dust, like plaster, you should change the filter more frequently.

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