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Jon, Appliance Technician
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Why does water drain out of my MDW24 Dacor dishwasher as it

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Why does water drain out of my MDW24 Dacor dishwasher as it fills. Unit can not run as there is no water in it.

repairguy :

Hello my name isXXXXX will assist you

repairguy :

Factory Test Mode:

The Factory Test Mode, or FTM, is run on each unit during final QC to ensure

that all of the components are operating normally. The FTM runs the unit

through an abbreviated wash cycle and checks various sensors for response and

is a valuable diagnostic tool. By knowning the timing of the FTM (shown below), a

technician can check for operation of the component in question at the expected




To Enter the FTM:

1. Press the SECURE key for three (3)

seconds. Then press the SECURE key

again for three (3) seconds

to exit the secure mode.

2. Press DELAY and SANI RINSE keys simultaneously to start the factory testmode.

3. Close the dishwasher door. Be sure to close the detergent dispenser prior to

initiating the FTM to check for proper operation.

4. All LED’s on the dishwasher will turn

ON for about 15 seconds then turn off.

5. The factory test will begin. Use the timing chart below for expected operation

timing of the component in question. If during the FTM one of the electric components fails to operate at the scheduled time, it is likely that either

the component has failed, the wiring has failed or the Power Board has partially failed. Start by checking the component in question and working back to the Power Board. Use extreme caution when working with live components. After test has been completed, press CANCEL key once to exit from the factory test mode. To exit the factory test mode at anytime, press the CANCEL key once. If the FTM has completed without error, a solid green light at the bottom of the door (ED model only) and three beeps will signal that all the major components are operating correctly.

Component Duration Comments

Drain Pump 30 seconds Control Board Version Displayed

Inlet Valve 60 seconds Power Board software1 version displayed

Pause 20 seconds Power Board software2 version displayed

Circ Pump & Heater 300 sec

Dispenser 5 sec

Drain Pump 30 sec

Let me know if all the components test out ok
Customer: Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately we were not able to get beyond step 3. LEDs never came on for the test to take place. Tried several times with no success.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized Dacor service tech and I can help you today if you still need it.

First please tell me if your drain hose is running to a garbage disposal or hooked into the sink plumbing? And also tell me if the drain hose from the dishwasher goes into what is called a high "s" loop before going to either the disposal or drain?

If the drain hose is improperly installed and is left at the bottom of the dishwasher and just goes directly to the drain or disposal then it could create a syphon effect and when the water is filling up the machine, at the same time it will drain.

And if that is happening, it can be easily fixed by clamping the drain hose to the under mount of the cabinetry. This way it will create an "s" loop and prevent any water from leaking out of the machine while it is filling.

Check the drain hose and get back to me here if you find the drain hose to not be the problem and we can go over a few more things.

If you find the drain hose was the issue and you feel that I have helped to answer your questions please remember to rate my performance positively below this chat now with ok service or better rating. If you feel that the drain hose is not the issue and you still need more help please dont rate negatively. Just come back to me here and we will proceed with the diagnostic check cycle to determine what is happening.

And if you still have more questions even after rating my performance positively please come back to me here at any time and I will help you more for no additional charge.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon and helping you fix this machine in the quickest and cheapest way possible.

Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am getting back to you about my Dacor MDW24 dishwasher that can not wash as the water that comes in to fill is immediately siphoned out. The dishwasher is located in an island with no sink and drain through the floor into the waste line in the cellar. In an attempt to solve the problem a P-trap was installed 6 inches after the dishwasher drain line connection. This made no difference. There is a high loop secured at the top of the back of the dishwasher before it exits to drain.
Oddly enough this dishwasher has been working fine with this setup (minus the p-trap) for four years. Suddenly we started getting a CF or clean filter flashing signal on panel but there is nothing in the filter as dishes are normally per-rinsed.
The clean filter is no big deal. And doesn't usually have anything to do with the machine filing and draining at the same time.

I would like for you to disconnect the drain from the trap and plumbing and just let the dishwasher drain into a large pale or bucket. Then restart a new regular cycle. If it fills and washes normally then the drain setup is the issue.

But if it still fills and drains at the same time let me know if the drain motor is running at all. And if it is the pressure switch a flood switch will need to be replaced.

Get back to me here and let me know you find.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I disconnected the drain and emptied the drain line into a bucket. It still siphoned the water and quit. The motor ran during the start up. The pressure switch was replaced and the unit still does not run. While I had the line disconnected I plugged the end with a wooden dowel and started the washer. The washer stared to run and fill as it normally does, but I had to stop the cycle as I did not want to create a flooding problem due to the plugged drain line. Any ideas?

What is really important to know here is if the drain motor is running when the machine is draining the water out? Or does the water just syphon out while it is filling?

If the water is just syphoning out then it is pressure/flood switch and drain hose that is the issue. But if the drain pump motor is running while it should be filling then the control board will need to,be replaced.

The control board is sending power to the drain pump as well as the water inlet valve. It has most likely shorted out. It is common.

The control board is part number 101367. And can be purchased by calling(NNN) NNN-NNNN You can also get it online at Just enter in the part number I list above into the pa search and it should come up.

Calling is much quicker and easier. And when calling have you model and serial numbers handy. And just give then the part number first and they will check the part availability.

Please get back to me here if you have more questions or concerns. Please remember to rate my performance positively below this chat now with ok service or better rating if you feel that I have helped to answer your questions. And also remember that if you have more questions after rating me positively please feel free to get back to me here and I will help you for no additional charge.

Thanks again.
Jon, Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 3627
Experience: Appliance Service Technician with 10+ years experience.
Jon and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your detailed trouble shooting. We are ordering the control panel and hope that this is the solution to our dishwasher problem. Will get back to you with information if this worked or not.
You are very welcome for the trouble shooting with this machine. I am glad I could help.

I just want to be clear here because you said that above you are ordering the control panel. That part you may need is the control board part number 101367. And you never got back to me telling me if the drain motor was running when the water was draining out?

If the drain motor is running when the dishwasher should be filling then the control board will definitely need to be replaced. But if the drain motor is not running but the water is still draining out as it fills then we need to look at the drain hose and pump a little better.

You may already know the answer to these questions but you didnt let me know. So I just wanted to make it clear that you should have checked this before ordering the part.

Get back to me here again if you have more questions and I will explain more. And please get back to me here again if you need help installing the board or to let me know how the machine is after installing the board.

Thank you again for the positive rating. It is greatly appreciated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Jon, thanks for following up. A little more about what is happening.
When we try to start the dishwasher it takes about 15 seconds after selecting Normal wash and pressing the power button ( I assume this may be to reset as we interrupt the cycle). The dishwasher then starts to fill with water for about 25 seconds. Then we hear the pump come on and the machine drains itself. If we leave it and do not stop it at this point, it attempts to fill again and of course drains itself one or two more times and then clicks and stops cycle with a CF flashing on panel.
We are planning to order the control panel on Monday. Will keep you posted.
Thank you for the information. It helps a lot.

The fact that it takes about 15 seconds after hitting the start after setting the cycle to fill with water is normal. But if it stops during the wash cycle only 25-30 seconds later and then drains the water out is not normal. It is actually indicative of the machine thinking ti is flooding out. There is a flood switch under the dishwasher and if it senses that there is water getting into the drain pan area it will turn the wash cycle off and then activate the drain motor to prevent any major flooding.

Now the fact that the machine will continue filling then draining is not normal. Usually after the first fill cycle if the wash cycle is interrupted it will not try to refill. It will just stop. And now that you are getting the CF error in the display, which is the clean filters error, and you are sure the filters are clean and clear, this means the main control board is registering a false error. And could be the reason why the machine tries to start the cycle again and again. It sounds like the control board is shorting out.

The control board definitely needs to be replaced that is for sure. But if you would like to check the drain pan to see if there is any water collecting there that would be up to you. And to check the drain pan I advise uninstalling the dishwasher from the cabinetry and tilt it forward about 45 degrees. and put some towels on the floor in front of it to catch the water that might drip out. if you get water coming out if the front bottom drain pan then keep it tilted until the water stops coming out. Then set it up right and let the rest of the water in the drain pan evaporate on it own. Usually takes about 2-3 days of non use to let it evaporate.

after letting it rest for a few days and installing the new control board, if it should still fill then immediately go into a drain cycle then you will need to better dry out the drain pan again and check for any internal hoses that might be leaking. And even the gaskets in the main sump motor itself.

If no water comes out while tipping it forward then we know all you need is the control board.

Basically, yes, you need the control board because of the error you are getting in the display after the machine tries to drain itself out. The CF error indicates the the filters are clogged. But we know if the machine fills and drains that they are good. And especially if you have checked them yourself and found no obstructions.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The control board is on its way. Will let you know how it worked out as soon as it is in. Will definitely add bonus when we have it in place. You have been very thorough and helpful with our dishwasher issue. Thanks again.
Thank you.

Please feel free to get back to me here at any time. And please let me know how you make out.

Thanks again.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Jon, Bad news the new control board is in and we still have the water draining out of our Daccor MDW24 dishwasher . It starts to fill for about 10 seconds, then the pump comes on and drains water out. The dishwasher then retries to fill it self repeatedly. We have to shut it off as there is warmth inside like the heater for the water is coming on.
In your last reply you mentioned emptying drain pain- there does not appear to be a drain pan on this model. Any thoughts? Is this actually a fixable problem...we have invested in 2 new parts with no results. Could you trouble shoot with other techs familiar with this model. Thanks.
Hello again,

Ok. so if the machine will just continually fill then drain over and over again I need for you to remove the dishwasher from the cabinets and remove the back lower panel of the dishwasher. Behind that panel is the drain pan I was referring to in a previous post to you. If water gets into that drain pan it will activate the flood switch. Which in turn activates the drain pump.

So the next thing you need to do here is take a look at the drain pan and clean out and dry up the water.

Get back to me here when you have done that and let me know what you find. I will help you more.

As far as for other experts to help you, they would have jumped in to add anything that they might feel that I have missed. But since it is not a common dishwasher model you will not see very many experts here at this website that are authorized Dacor.

Believe me, I have seen this exact problem many many times before. And you will need to check the drain pan for water. That is why I told you to do that before replacing the control board.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dishwasher out- no apparent drain pain on this model. Checked for water in any place that might collect water- none. Tipped machine forward and then backward- not a drop??
Did you remove the lower access panel in the back of the dishwasher? or the access panel in the front of the dishwasher to check the drain pan area? The drain pan is there so I am assuming you didn't look inside the bottom exterior of the machine.

Please do so. Sometimes if the water that may have previously leaked may have caused the flood switch to get stuck in the activated position. Which would make your machine fill then drain at the same time.

Here is what i want you to do. And please do it exactly as I tell you.

First, remove the drain hose end that is connected to either your sink plumbing under the cabinets. Or if it drains to a garbage disposal please remove it from there. And let the dishwasher drain hose drain into a large tub or even the sink.

Next with the machine removed from the cabinetry remove the back lower access panel by removing the screws and pulling the panel away from the dishwasher. On some models there is a kick plate in the front of the machine under the door that can be removed so take a look there as well. Tell me if you see any water in the bottom of the drain pan. if you do it will need to be removed and dried up. If no water then look to the front center of the machine, there will be a round or square styrofoam flood switch that will float up while water enters the drain pan.

If you notice the float push it down to wards the bottom of the pan. towards the floor of the drain pan.

After you have done this, with power and water still connected to the dishwasher start a new cycle and let it fill. Keep the back or the front access panels off so you can see if you dishwasher is leaking at all. if it is leaking that is the issue and will need to be fixed. If no leak then replace the float/ flood switch.

If you dont notice any signs of water and the drain pan area is clean and clear then please let me know that as well.

Do this and let me know what you find and I will help you more.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Jon,

We finally found the solution to our Dacor dishwasher problem- draining

it tried to fill. Both pressure switches (kit 101990) were replaced with new ones

and the dishwasher immediately filled/washed as it should have. It is completing

its cycle with no problems.

You were very prompt with the many suggestions you kept sending us.

I wanted to let you know what finally worked should you ever get another question like

this about a Dacor MDW24dishwasher.

We wanted to add a bonus for you but are not sure how that is done?

It was my pleasure helping you. And thank you for sticking with me through the diagnostic process. Sometimes it can be a bit lengthy. I am just glad we could find the problem and get it fixed.

As far as for leaving a bonus just hit the green button below the chat and you should see an area where you can leave a tip. It is greatly appreciated.

Please get back to me here if you have any troubles or need more help with any other appliances.

Thanks again.