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We just bought a Maytag MET8885 double convection oven. The

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We just bought a Maytag MET8885 double convection oven. The bottom oven door isn't aligned properly. The right side of the door lines up with the top door but the left side of the door sticks out to the front about 3.5 mm farther than the right side and about 3.75 mm farther out from the front of the oven than the left side of the top door.

The door hinges look even and extend from the front of the range the same distance on both sides. With a lot of pressure I can push the top left corner of the bottom door in so it is even with the top door but I can't figure out what is holding it away from the oven.

I had a service technician come look at it and he agreed the doors are out of alignment and also indicated there is no adjustment. I talked to Maytag and they will not fix it unless there is a functional problem, not just a cosmetic problem. Aaron, the Maytag customer service supervisor, said it was not a manufacturing defect and that the over was "designed for the doors to be cockeyed." I couldn't believe he said that so I repeated it to him and he said "That is correct."

Is there anything I can do to make the bottom door line up properly?

We're currently looking for a French-door bottom freezer refrigerator. We had planned on getting the Maytag but probably won't now. Are there any appliance manufacturers who have a greater emphasis on customer satisfaction?
Uneven doors could be from flooring being uneven or the range not leveled correctly.
Also the door seals themselves could be a little stiff, but may loosen up after several uses.
I would have another rep look at it. Could just be the seal is not seated correctly. If you want to look at another brand, you can look at KitchenAid, or Electrolux for great products.
Hope this helps u
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The range is level and the door seal (looks like a flexible metal mesh) seems pretty supple all the way around. Besides, it seems to be closing properly on the right side but not on the left.


The Maytag CSR supervisor told me that the next service call would cost me so I don't want to have another service call.


Have you run across this issue with this specific oven before?

No, that is why I advised another tech. They tell you that, but they will not charge due to it actually being an issue.
Appliance Parts, Home Appliance Tech
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 267
Experience: Appliance tech since 1992. Factory authorized
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My name isXXXXX have encountered the oven hinge problems quite a lot. I once wrote a blog about it that got national attention until hackers ruined my site.
On topic; You can use string stretched over the door surface diagonally, corner to corner to determine whether or not the door has been tweaked. Odds are the door is okay.
Here is what I found back when I was researching this problem; The hinge involves two parts. 1) the hinge in the door, 2) the receptacle in the oven cavity. If you understand a little about leverage then you will know the problem when I describe, the hinge slides over pins in the receptacle. the pins are approximately 3/16" diameter at best. The distance between the pins is less than an inch- if memory serves me right? The door is over 20" tall. So you have a hinge system which supports the weight of a 20 plus inch high door by using only one inch of leverage. Would anyone like to do the math? Long story short; The pin in the receptacle develops a flat spot from the enormous pressure of the door and the hinge slot becomes slightly worn open. Also the hinge is multi linked which equates to some stretch multiplied over each joint. All together this may represent an eighth of an inch. Using even rough math skills, like 22 inches times 2 percent, this is almost half an inch. This problem coupled with the fact there is no adjustment for the closed position of the door makes for a frustrating situation.
I have gone on the calls where the hinge had been replaced six months before and the problem returned.By q and a I determined the receptacle had not been changed. It is imperative the hing and recept. be changed together.
I recommend checking the door and frame of the oven for straightness, if they are okay then replace left and right hinges with receptacles.