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I have a Bosch B26FT70SNS refrigerator and the water dispenser

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I have a Bosch B26FT70SNS refrigerator and the water dispenser on the front of the door keeps dripping. I have had a technician out on four occassions to fix this. Bosch finally replaced the refrigerator only to find I have the same problem with the new fridge. I have run several glasses of water through and that has not helped. It seems that after filling two to three glasses of water, the dripping starts up again. It's about one drip every minute to minute and a half and lasts for 10-12 hours. Any suggestions?

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Good morning, You have had the refrigerator replaced and still have this issue ? Did anyone check your water pressure going to the refrigerator from the house ? theres only one thing that would cause this and thats the magnet valve. (which is the electronic water inlet valve) its in the back of the refrigerator where the water line connects. Now that being said since your whole refrigerator has been replaced the issue is most likely the water pressure is to high from the house. the valve cant close tight enough because of the pressure.I would have a plumber check the pressure. if its good then the valve has to be the issue. nothing else could cause that. its possible that Bosch is having issues with that valve.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for the quick response. I have not had any one check the water pressure. It's interesting that you mention that though. I had a leak in my water heater/boiler system over the winter and had a plumber replace the pressure tank. Is it possible that could have an impact on the pressure that is going to this fridge? The technician that has been out seems to think the dripping is coming from air somewhere. I went along with that theory for awhile but it seems unusual that the replacement fridge would have the same problem. If I test the water pressure, would it also be worth my while to have some look at the water line going to the fridge to make sure that is sealed well and isn't damaged? It's frustrating because I did not have this problem with my old refridgerator.

well if the leak is comming from the tube in the dispenser its not going to be an air type problem, I would have the pressure checked,

Refrigerators are built to be used anywhere so they must design their product to work between 15 psi and 80 psi. as far as the line goes if its plastic from the house I would have the plumber replace that with copper line.

That being said you may be above that pressure. hope this info is usefull. thanks , Bryan
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