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AXIS WTA3510US Bought w/d units used on craigs list for

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Bought w/d units used on craigs list for remodel. Guy said it worked. First mistake.

Regardless, contractor hooked it up. Dryer goes on and off ...

Also, the timer light is not working. Can't program dry cycle length.
Any idea of what's in store parts and service wise?

Jon :


Jon :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I can try to help you today.

Jon :

I guess the first thing to learn from here is not to buy anything from craigslist without first checking to see if the item being sold is legit. I know that you are taking a chance purchasing from craigslist, which is why the items are usually cheap, but please do yourself a favor and check first.

Jon :

First make sure that the dryer is properly hooked up and wired into or plugged into a 220 line outlet. Most of these machines will blow a circuit or give you other control shorting out issues when it comes to drying. So if this machine is not plugged into or wired into an outlet or circuit that can handle that, fix that first.

Jon :

If it is, and yet always in a dry cycle the machine will stop and then go on and off, please disconnect the dryer venting and try it again.

Jon :

Sometimes if the dryer venting to and from the machine is either clogged or kinked the hot ait that needs to be vented out of the machine will be obstructed and come back into the machine and cause the machine to fail.

Jon :

So please remove the dryer vent from the back of the machine and run it as normal. If it works fine then we know you have either a clogged or pinched dryer vent and that would need to be fixed first. If the machine still runs and stops then you will need to do some more checking. So please get back to me here if you need more help.

Jon :



Thanks Jon. We will work with your ideas tomorrow. I'll let you know.



Jon and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you for the positive rating. It is greatly appreciated.

Should you have any other questions or concerns with this machine please get back to me here and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again. Have a good night.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Jon,
You did not address the cycle light malfunction on the dryer. How to
Troubleshoot and fix would be helpful.
Again... Thank you!
Hello again Debra.

What exactly happens with the dryer? Does the dryer let you program any cycle for any length of time? or No?

I didn't delve into it further because I thought you had said the dryer was working fine and it was just the washer that was a problem. I guess I just misunderstood you. My apologies.

Just get back to me here when you have a chance and tell me as best as you can what the dryer control is doing or not doing and I will help you more.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

  • We are doing a test--not with wet laundry in the unit. We downloaded a manual. It mentions a sensor control with 6 drying cycles.


  • When on- we see the on/off and start buttons


  • We can also adjust the buttons for regular/cott button.


  • That's all that lights up


  • RE: on and off during operation: The 220 works fine.

  • Vent pipe is solid and kink free. However, the dryer turns on and goes off when the cycle starts.

  • lint filter clean


We are stumped. Please advise





Hi Debra,

Yes. There are many sensors on this dryer and many others like it. The sensors will do many things. But most if them regulate and monitor the temp of the machine.

It sounds like your problem here is with the control board. Because even if those sensors or one of them were bad it would still let you select the cycle on the board. The sensors have nothing to do with that. They will only affect the drying performance.

If the control or buttons on the control are not functioning properly then you will need to replace the main and control boards for the machine. And that can get quite costly on this machine. More then $300 to be exact. So if you for this machine cheap on Craig's list it will not be worth it for you to replace them. And quite frankly you never know what else could be wrong with the machine. Since it doesnt run longer then A few seconds we really don't know f there are other problems.

I would remove the venting from the back of the machine unplug the machine for ten minutes then plug it back in again. But keep the dryer venting off the back of the machine. Then set the dryer on a times dry cycle with high heat at 60 mins. Then put some wet towels in there. About three damp not soaking wet towels. And push start.

If it runs longer and doesn't stop and also let's you adjust the controls on the front display then We know the problem is a clogged Ben and air flow. And that can be fixed easily.

But if the dry still gives you the same problems then unfortunately the boards will need to be replaced to fix the machine.

Please get back to me if you need more help or have more questions.


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