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I have a GE profile model# XXXXX that has condensation

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I have a GE profile model# XXXXX that has condensation collecting in the deli drawer. My wife called GE service to come out. Without looking at anything he tells my wife that the system needs to be defrosted. He must remove the coils, clean them and reinstall. This unit is 4 years old. I have never heard of a modern refrigerator that needs to be defrosted. Does this make any sense?

Thank you for using Just Answer. I will be glad to assist you in your answer. Think about safety when doing repairs, electric, water, gas, ect.


I feel you pain. It would be nice if technicians would be a little more specific in explaining a diagnosis. It sounds like the tech was close. When you pull out the deli drawer and look at the back wall, do you see a water trail from the back cover that the fan is in? Please let me know.....and I can tell you how to resolve this....Thanks

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There was nothing obvious. There was no water above the fan opening, so I can only assume that it's coming from the fan opening. There is just a small amount of water under the tray. In 3 days time I would guess there was about 3 or 4 oz. of water in the deli tray.

Ok, that sounds like what I think it is. You will need to remove the inside rear cover of the fridge. Remove all the shelves, remove couple screws at bottom of the cover, and the 2 screws at the shelf holder in the middle of the cover (one at the top of track, may be under a little cover, on at the bottom). If the big cover doesn't pull off easily, then defrost the unit, you will damaged the styrfoam backing to the cover if you force it. Also, may sure you disconnect the wore harness before to pull it out too far, then it will be free to remove. You will see the cooling coil with a little drain pan under it. This pan will have ice in it. Just poor some hot water on it until the water flows down the drain hole that will reveal as the ice melts. You can wrap some copper wire around the black heater under coil and run it down the drain hole a few inches to prevent this from happening again, The heat from the heater will transfer down the copper to warm he water when in defrost. If you do not find what I am describing, then the only other place that the water could be coming from is the water tank (replace tank), also behind a cover, but I think it is the drain (very common on this model). I hope I explained the problem in more detail for you. You can also got to, enter in your model# XXXXX view an exploded diagram of the fresh food section for reference to how thing are assembled. Please do not forget to rate me with a great rating for answering you question. You can always respond back to this question if you need more assistance.....Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will try it now.

Ok, just be careful with that panel, there is nothing to the rest......Good luck
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I decided that there is too much that could go wrong in doing it myself. I guess I will have to fork over the $170 they want to the job. While I have you, is there a brand and model you would recommend? I am fed up with GE. We have a complete kitchen of this and they have all failed at on point or another. None of the units are more than 5 years old.

I normally stick with whirlpool myself. Whirlpool bought out maytag a few years ago if that tells you something. There appliances are proven to work, and parts are easy to replace if needed on them. Good tech information as well. For a model#, take your pick. I think all their products are good. If you are having a lot of trouble out of your appliances, you may consider getting a maintenance plan with an appliance company to ease the pocketbook on those costly repairs. I know exactly how those repair can affect someone in a hurry. Thanks again. If you would, please do not forget to rate with a high rating if you would....Good luck to you.
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