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i have a maytag atlantis front load dryer, i replaceed the

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i have a maytag atlantis front load dryer, i replaceed the drum belt last year due to excessive squeaking, now it is happening again but it is 10x worse,
what rollers and belts should i replace now.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So the belt rarely if ever makes a noise when it's going bad on a dryer. Unlike a car or truck, the belt moves much slower so it's not as likely to make the noise. What is really likely to make the noise is the idler pulley next to the motor that the belt wraps around. If you remove the white pulley wheel and it's orangish brown inside the pulley bearing, then that is the source of your problems. Below is a link to the idler pulley that you'd need for this model dryer.

CLICK HERE for idler pulley

Do make sure to clean the shaft where this pulley attaches with some motor oil and a towel when replacing the pulley. The shaft rarely if ever goes bad, but it will get corrosion on it from the idler pulley when the pulley goes bad.

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