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I have a model PFSS6PKXSS GE refrigerator, and it will only

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I have a model PFSS6PKXSS GE refrigerator, and it will only make crushed ice now. Unit is about 3 years old. I see there is a long metal lever that runs from the back of the ice bin the front which is connected to a plastic chute that directs the ice to the cutters for crushed ice or when flipped down, bypasses the cutters to dispense cubed ice. It appears that there is a solenoid in the back of the ice maker compartment that moves up and down to engage the metal lever or not.

Is there a way to check diagnose this issue?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

It appears as though you are looking in the right area. If the ice dispenser only dispenses crushed cubes, this means that your bar along the bottom of the bin is not being lifted. If you remove the bin you'll see the metal bar along the bottom of it which is used to change the ice dispenser from crushed to cubed. Look at the back wall behind the ice bin now. You'll see a hole that the metal bar goes through. This is where a white plastic stirrup pulls up on the lever to change the bin to "cubed" ice. Make sure that the metal bar does not slide under the stirrup when you re-install the bucket. Try the dispenser again and if it still won't dispense cubed ice, you'll need to order and replace the ice solenoid that lifts the stirrup looking device behind the back panel inside the freezer. Below is a link to the solenoid if you happen to need it.

CLICK HERE for solenoid

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yeah, that didn't fix it. It seems the stirrup solenoid is not working. How do I know if it's the solenoid that gone bad or an electronic circuit that controls the solenoid that's gone bad?


If I choose to replace the solenoid, how do I get to it, it's all the way in the back of the ice maker compartment? Any manuals or instructions?

There isn't a manual that shows you how to replace the solenoid, but in general, I've never seen the control board fail in a manner where it stops sending power to the solenoid. The only way to really know for 100% certainty would be to test power at the solenoid while the door is shut and it should be dispensing cubed ice as you push on the paddle. That would be VERY difficult to make that test given the location of the part. But either way, it's not easy to remove the icemaker and back panel in order to replace this part either.

You must first open the left side refrigerator door and pull the ice bucket out. There is a white plastic trim piece along the bottom left edge of the ice cavity. Locate the hole in this trim about half way down the trim and stick a small flat head screwdriver through this hole and pry up on the tab behind this trim to release the trim. The trim will then pull forward and out. Now you can disconnect the wire harness behind this trim. Lift the tab away from the left side panel that is right next to the icemaker and begin pulling on the icemaker. The entire icemaker and back panel assembly will pull straight forward and out of the ice maker cavity. Now you can replace the icemaker solenoid.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I have the trim piece out, the harness is disconnected, I can pry the tab away from the left side panel and the rear icemaker assembly comes loose, but the actually ice making part that hangs down from the top of the icemaker compartment interferes with the removal of the now loose assembly at the back.


Do I have to remove the ice making assembly first, and if so, does the water need to be turned off? (please say no)

Yes, you need to remove the icemaker first, and no you do not need to turn the water off.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Whew, it's not easy getting this monster out of the wall to turn the water off, glad to hear that.


However, how do you remove the icemaker assembly? There's a tab at the top in front of it, but that doesn't seem to loosen anything.


Thanks for the help. I want to ensure I can get to the solenoid before spending $65 on a new one.

If you've removed the cover panel on the left and unplugged the wire harness, then you should just need to pull down on that tab against the ceiling in front of the icemaker and pull forward on the icemaker to pull it out.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Woohoo! You won't believe this, but the metal pin that connects the solenoid plunger to the plastic stirrup had worked itself out of place. Once I reinserted the pin and reassembled the whole thing, it works like a champ.


Thanks very much.

No problem. I'm glad you got it all working again either way. You have a great rest of the day!



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