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I am working on a Culligan water softner. It is the Hi Flo

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I am working on a Culligan water softner. It is the Hi Flo 2 model with a MVP Electronic Controller. Part number on tank is 01001638, Tri Hull 16"x48" w/FLPRT. Part number on controller is 01017190. The problem is it will not regenerate automatically. It will regenerate manually, but I run the clock up to 2:00AM and it does nothing.
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If the unit regenerates when manually set and will not when the control reaches the set time to regenerate the control is bad. That was very common on some of the Hi Flo 2 models. Replace the controller. The only other thing that can cause the issue is a faulty flow control if you have a metering device on your unit. This is what the flow sensor would be if you have the DDS controller. That could be clogged or jammed and the turbine may not be turning so the controller does not think any water is going through it hence no regeneration.

 3 Flow Sensor(s)
 (Meter Initiated, Hi-Flo 2 models using DDS controller)
A flow meter package shall be provided consisting of a turbine-type Hall effect meter; the package shall include
one (1) controller and flow sensors with fittings.
The fitting(s) provided shall be inch, compatible with existing piping.
The flow sensor provided shall be functional within the flow range of .
The operating temperature/pressure range of the flow sensor fittings shall be 34°-120°F at 120 psi max.
The flow sensor shall have an accuracy of +/-3%
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How will I know if it has a metering device, and where would the flow control be located?

The flow meter would be right where the water enters the unit, you would see a wire. It is a magnetic pickup as the turbine turns it counts. You can remove the sensore from where it connects to the turbine housing. If you run a magnet across the sensor back and forth see if it registers flow on the display. If it does the sensor is fine but the turbine may be jammed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there a test I can do to be sure the controller is bad?

Not need to check that turbine
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

when you said check for a wire...the only wire is a wire going to the mvp controller(24 volt) and another wire going to the top of the tank labeled Aqua-Sensor. Is this what you are referring to?

Yes the aqua sensor wire