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Glad youre still on. I found out what that GE Artica model

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Glad you're still on. I found out what that GE Artica model number was. I thought it might be like one of those fancy LGs that has two evaporators (one for each side) but with the correct model number need your guess about a noise.
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So you are correct that there is no fan or evaporator in the bottom of the refrigerator. I really don't think anything can be coming from the refrigerator section. I'm wondering if that 3 second noise is the compressor overloading and failing to start. That usually lasts for 3 seconds when it happens but that's a loud buzzing noise, not like what you're describing. I'm not sure but I'd probably go with replacing the evaporator fan motor inside the freezer if you can't get the noise to replicate.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I thought maybe the fan was loose in the bracket and perhaps when the motor is energized it shifts slightly and the blades strike the plastic guard around the edge of the blades until that contact for a few seconds kicks the motor and shaft back away from the plastic around the blade. But that's just a wild guess. i kinda' advised them to let it go (it's cooling fine) because if I put a fan in and it still does it, it's going to be embarrassing.

it's all in how you handle it. In cases like this, I just let them know that I can't replicate the problem and although I can make a very educated guess, it's their decision if they want to replace parts off my educated guess or not. If not, then have them watch the refrigerator for a few days until they can definitely pinpoint where the noise is coming from. If the noise goes away when they open or close either door or if the noise gets louder when they open either door. That being said, the shaft wobbling or the blade hitting the fan shroud at lower speeds does happen, but the evaporator fan motor would need to be replaced if that is the case because the shaft is wobbling a little bit at lower speeds.

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