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I have a Fisher and Paykel two draw dishwasher and the top

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I have a Fisher and Paykel two draw dishwasher and the top draw has stopped responding all together as if there is no power at all.

The bottom draw is working perfectly.

Is there a fuse or something that may have blown? if so how might I get to it?


You did not specify which model you have, so I am attaching the service manuals for both the 603 and 605 series Fisher Paykel dishdrawers. These contain service mode instructions for diagnostics and repair procedures.



If there is anything I can assist you with, just let me know. If you are happy with my guidance, please rate me well. Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your help on this one so far, although I can't find exactly what I'm looking for in the manual.


My machine is a feww years old so I would wager it's the 603.


With no power at all to the top draw I can't get an error code.. also I am able to force the draw open but there is plenty of resistance so I suspect the lid is still down on it.


There is a little water in the bottom so it probably stopped working towards the end of the wash program, my guess is that power was lost whilst running based on the above.


I'm not sure if I'm able to pull the draw out if this is the case.


Is it possible that the power to the front panel has died somehow?


Any more help would be awesome.





Good morning,

Based upon your description I would start by removing the front panel and checking the connections to the control board.

I would shut the power down, and unplug the connections and plug them back in and see if that resolves the issue. If it does not, the control is most likely faulty, but I would advise to take a meter and doing some testing first.

I would start by verifying voltage at the control board input. If you have power going into it, but it won't turn on, replace it. If you have no power going into it, check the wire connections to the control from the chasis PCB on both ends, both the continuity of the wires and the supply voltage from the chasis PCB itself.

From page 12 of the 603 manual-

"If power to the DishDrawer fails with the lid down you can still force the tub open manually if access is required. It is
very difficult however to close the tub again without lifting the lid. The lid can be wound up manually with the tub fully
removed. Failure to raise the lid before closing the Drawer could result in the lid seal being damaged."

Then from page 36-

"9.1 Drawer Front Removal
9.1.1 Slide open drawer.
9.1.2 Locate draw pin on either side of the tub.
9.1.3 Using a sharp pair of long nose pliers or slip jaw pliers grasp the
center dividing web of the pin and pull away from the tub to remove
the pin. Support the drawer front with your hand while doing this.
Note: The pin web is vertical.
9.1.4 With both pins removed the bottom of the drawer front can now be
eased out slightly.
9.1.5 Now carefully pull the drawer front down to allow it to come free
from the handle and top locating slots.
9.1.6 Carefully remove the earth wire from the tab on the drawer front. (if
it is an integrated model you will also need to unplug the integrated
badge from the isolating module)
9.1.7 Refit in reverse manner ensuring the drawer slides are right forward
and the pin secures through the hook on the front end of the slide.
Note: When reinserting the pins make sure the dividing web is

And the electronic controller removal is on page 37-

"9.6.1 Remove the drawer front as per instructions in 9.1.
9.6.2 Disconnect all the wiring connectors on the controller
apart from the LCD/Badge plug
9.6.3 Now release the clip on the right-hand side of the
controller just below the light pipes by firmly pushing it in
towards the controller.
9.6.4 The bottom of the controller can now be lifted out to an
angle of about 45 at which point the top of the controller
will come free.
9.6.5 Disconnect the LCD/Badge plug.
9.6.6 Refit in reverse manner."

The wiring diagram is on page 35.

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