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I have a very noisey side by side. Has been cooling good

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I have a very noisey side by side. Has been cooling good but noise seems to be getting worse. Runs about 13 minutes, shuts down for 24, restarts and times seem to be on a regular schedule. Noise is worse when first starts and goes into a somewhat smoother rattle? grinding before shutting off. Maybe 16 years old with no problems a looks like new.
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It sounds like there may be a problem with the cooling fan on the back you your fridge behind the rear panel. If the fan is not running properly, the compressor will overheat on then restart after it shuts down for a while.
You need to remove the screws from the panel and check to see if the fan is running when the compressor starts up. If the compressor runs and the fan doesn't, you will need to replace the fan motor.
Advise me of what you find after you remove the panel.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Fan is running, even seems to spin freely after shuts down. But when I mechanically stop it the noise seems to quit. Shaft moves in and out freely. I attempting to lubricate and see results.

If the noise stops is you stop the blade, you need to replace the motor. It should run completely silent.

Here is a link for the motor

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Lube almost stopped noise. Motor ordered from local store where orginally purchased. Little higher but free shipping and I am pleased with their business although they sub their repairs.


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