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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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Hi pro tech I have a question on a frontload Samsung washer

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Hi pro tech I have a question on a frontload Samsung washer Model # XXXXX Big banging sound Then machine stopped its cycle. Restarted machine for a regular wash cycle then it just tumbled left to right very slowly like its trying to balance load and that's all it does . Displays E3 code on Panel. E3 code says motor not running properly. What do you think ? The motor bad ? Motor control Bad ? Loose wire maybe from bang and shock may be broken whats your thoughts. Newbie Darren

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This is a difficult thing to diagnose until you get there to look at it, the bang puzzles me but it may be that motor assembly which may have separated or broke completely. this is not you typical motor assembly. you need to pull the rear access and check the motor assembly. theres no belt so the bang could be something in the motor or one of the bolts possibly came loose. its hard to say, the shocks could also be the cause of the bang. was this overloaded at the time ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

could have been overloaded . do you feel its maybe more of a motor assembly problem . I understand without looking to see if the motor assembly is broken or not. If the motor assembly was broken or busted would the tub still move back and forth very slowly. because that's what it is doing at this point . the tub goes back and forth slowly and the unit just displays the E3 code ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok I see the response now that I gave sorry for the confusion

well the E3 indicates a, motor tachometer problem, PBC problem or possibly a loose connection on the wiring, I'm not sure what the bang was however. A sudden stop ? and bolt came loose? you really need to take this apart in the back (the access panel) and see if something broke or it was a sudden stop. if a bolt came out it possible it would still turn back and forth but if this happened in spin (high speed) then it sounds like something broke.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so what I am getting is if a loose wire and a bad shock does not repaire this . that its most likely a motor assembly that's broke or the pcb board ?? probably would be the problem.??

I would say the motor assembly is most likely the issue if you don't find anything broken or loose.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Brian , I just wanted to follow up for you on this frontload washer. The stainless tub where the spyder attachment attaches to the stainless drum had busted on one or more of its legs to the best of my knowledge without me actually opening up the tub sections for inspection.. The stainless drum was out of its trueness and when I would rotate the stainless drum it would rub up against the outer plastic drum at one point of its rotation. I could also hear a couple of loose pieces of something rattling around between the stainless drum and the outer plastic drum when I manually rotated the stainless drum also. So you were correct suggesting that if something hadn't busted or broke loose that I should look at the motor assembly. I just wanted to thank you for your swift help in response to my washing machine question and if I need help in the future I will be sure to try and contact you if your on-line and available. I don't know of a quick way of notifying and requesting you on just answer when I need assistance Brian . So if theres a different way of requesting your assistance when I log on to just answer , please let me know because when I don't get a response from you there are other techs that try to answer my question and if your on line and available I would rather give the question , tip and credit to you at this point so far. Thanks for all your assistance and I will be looking forward for help in the future. Darren

I'll look into that, I'm not sure how your end works to be honest. I'm glad your making progress on that washer. there are bolts that hold the tines to the drum , perhaps one or more of these bolts is in between the drum and tub ?
Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you

Hi. Darren, the best way to get back to me is click on my profile and save it to you favorites. then when you open that it says Ask protech a question. this will come to me first and if I'm on I'll help right away.thanks so much and talk again soon. Bryan

P.S. don't rate every time this will charge you. I appreciate your confidence in me and will do my very best to help at any time.