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I have jenn-air model S156W range. The front burner started

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I have jenn-air model S156W range. The front burner started hissing and then I heard a big pop, and smoke started coming out from beneath the burner. I turned it off. I tried using the back burner and it started hissing too. Can I replace the entire cartridge or perhaps buy a new stove? Thanks, Marilyn

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

They are not showing these cartridges as available anymore. they have been discontinued, however a lot of the parts for the cartridge itself can still be purchased , you can take the cartridge apart there are screws around the cartridge you take out , most likely you have shorted wire that melted through the back burner wires also . Those can be replaced but if you are not able to do it if you take the cartridge to most appliance repair shops they can fix them for you . it may have started with one of the receptacles that the burner plugs into and overheating it probably shorted out the wiring , as far as replacing the range it's a pretty big job and they're not all the same as they were back when this one was made . You would need to talk to an appliance store and see what's available that would fit into your space . if you really like your range I would take the cartridge and have it repaired . I hope this helps, thanks and best wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Bryan, I thought maybe the problem was in the stove where it plugs in, but the smoke was coming from under the burner. I think you have it figured right. Thank You Much, Marilyn

You're very welcome, I have seen this many times and fixed quite a few of them, the wiring is encased so it's not a fire danger but I wouldn't use it or try to use it so you don't damage anything else such as the infinite switches which of the switch is you turn to turn the burner is on, those are also available if you find you do have a problem with one but I have seen these wires inside these cartridges Frey and burn up so I know that's the issue. Thank you so much and have a great day, Bryan
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I noticed you still havent rated me on my answer do you need more info ? if so let me know. if not please remember to rate me before closing this question, 3 or above gives me credit for helping you. thanks and have a great day. Bryan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have rated you excellent several times. I must be doing something wrong.


No we are all set.Thank you so much. well wishes Bryan