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I have Duet washer modelGHW9150PW4. When I turn it on the drain

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I have Duet washer modelGHW9150PW4. When I turn it on the drain pump continues to run no matter what setting the controls are in. The Pause/Cancel will not clear the cycle and neither will unplugging the machine. Cleaned the drain but it wasnt bad. This all started between the wash and rinse cycle of a load. Sounds like its still trying to pump water out of machine but there is none left in it.

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Good morning, Have you seen any fault codes come up at all ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think originally it was F and H. They haven't shown back up and it won't go into diagnostic mode for some reason.


okay thats a valid code, whats going on is there is no water entering the machine, at the beginning of each cycle the machine starts by draining out water and adding fresh water, when the water goes in the unit will not advance so the pump keeps running, make sure that both valves at the water source or on, check for plugged or kinked inlet hoses or plugged screens in the hose themselves, verify that the water pressure is good, you also want to make sure that your drain hose is higher than the back of the machine, and other words it can't be below the top of the machine or this can cause a siphon problem, which means it's filling and draining at the same time. Check the water supply and get back to me and let me know that of things okay with the water first and then we will take it from there. Thanks, Bryan
After doing some research through the tech sheets your issue is the water level control, these fail quite often on these machines, this is located under the top in the back right corner, there are screws along the back of the top you remove and slide the top back and off.

I am giving you the link to your part below, this site has the best return policy on the net, in some cases

the part may be a little more money then other sites but their return policy is unbeatable, if you order a

part from them and install it in the problem still exists they will let you return the part even after it has

been installed . No questions asked. It is well worth the little bit extra you may pay I'm not "saying that's

the case in all instances much of the time it is actually cheaper than other places, you need to order it replace the water level control , this control tells the main control that all the water is out of the machine and also when the machine fills this what controls the water level, the machine thinks theres still water in it thus continues to try and drain. thanks and very best wishes, Bryan

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for the delay. On an outdoor trip and just got back. Got the new water level sensor installed and washer still doing the same thing. The control panel comes on with the wash time displayed, the door locks and the the drain pump starts to run. It will not let me pause/cancel the cycle.

okay so this wont even let you pause the control still ? I believe the issue has to be the CCU , Central Control Unit . according to the fault code you were getting it could have been a number of different things but usually its the pressure switch. this is the CCU. its located in the middle back under the top. heres a link to order that. sorry for all your trouble. thanks, Bryan