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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  15 yrs. experience as a certified appliance technician.
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hi pro tech the botom of the dishwasher pan below the tub was

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hi pro tech the botom of the dishwasher pan below the tub was bone dry when I got there. the float switch had continuity wich was located on the front left side of the dishwasher. the styrofoam float disk in the leak pan and rod were functioning properly. The water valve was replaced and had continuity also at this point to. when I started the dishwasher by pressing the start button on the top left part of the dishwasher door. I herd a motor running but that was all that was happeninig. No water going in to dishwasher?? no lights on the selector buttons to the top right of the door also. From looking at the schematics the wiring was showing that at this point the main control is supposed to be sending 120v to the inlet valve. I checked for 120V and got no reading at the inlet valve.So my theory was that the main control board is bad? I also am assuming that since the board is bad that thats why there are no lights on the cycle buttons to the top right of the door? Does this sound like its the board to you that is causing the lack of 120v going to the inlet valve? and the lack of lights being on at the cycle selection buttons? the cycle buttons are directly above the main control board and they do appear to me as if there should be some type of indicater light that would be on for the cycle buttons that you select. The water pressure and water flow is also good and reaching the inlet valve properly also.

that certainly sounds like the issue."bad control board" if your not getting voltage to the valve.theres really nothing between the valve and the control that you haven't checked.that leaves the control. sorry for the bad news, in most cases its either the valve or the float in the pan thats stuck.

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