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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  15 yrs. experience as a certified appliance technician.
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Lg Front Load Washer (wm2455hg) Noisy And Sick

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Lg Front Load Washer (wm2455hg) Noisy And Sick

bryanpaul52 :

how do you mean noisy ? in spin ?

Customer: Whenever spinning even when it does the initial load sense where it spins around
Customer: It sounds like a growling
Customer: And it's hard to push the drum around when its off
bryanpaul52 :

okay, when you do turn the tub by hand does it make noise then too ?

Customer: Let me see ....
Customer: No
Customer: Washer says it has a inverter direct drive whatever that means
bryanpaul52 :

if this is hard to turn by hand you may have something between the inner and out tub. (like a sox or something small) can you remove the top of the machine and see if you can see anything in the drum ?

Customer: No is it possible to send photo. Basically there is a rubber seal with two folds one which runs next to where you put clothes and something could fall in there but I don't see anything and no way to take top off that I see
Customer: actuallysee actually now it's not very hard to turn
Customer: sorry autocorrect is going crazy
bryanpaul52 :

okay so its not hard to turn ?

Customer: not as easy but not hard as I thought
Customer: itthought it doesn't want to make it up and over
Customer: And when the washer is on you can hear a slight squeaking noise
Customer: okaynoise okay I'm sorry it's not hard to turn
bryanpaul52 :

alright,what I would check first is the drain pump.

Full Size Image
open the access door on the bottom left side front and check the pump. see if theres anything in that first.

Customer: Ok
Customer: thisOk this may take a bit
Customer: or is that your final answer?
bryanpaul52 :

no you can come back when you have it looked at.

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