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I have a maytag lat 9806age top load wash machine. It has

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I have a maytag lat 9806age top load wash machine. It has a four speed wash selector switches. The agitator was running slow, so a repairer adjusted the clutch. They replaced the switches, but I still don't have the agitator rotating on correct speed when choosing switches. I am only left with two speeds and not four.

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You are only having 2 speed? WHat happens when you try to use the other 2 sppeds?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The other two speeds are not working? The repairer says he has put the genuine switch selector and has looked at wiring diagram provided inside back of machine. I don't believe they have put correct switch selector in there?

Also they said they turned a bolt or something in the gearbox to relieve the strain? Why. It now has a knocking noise. This machine is 13 years old but in the best condition possible. Not done hard work at all?

This repairer is the only maytag repairer here in our town and I feel he doesn't know enough about my machine??
The LAT version of the Maytags I am very familiar with, are you saying it does nothing in the other two selections on the dial?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes the switches on the control panel are not working. Do you have answers or am I just going in circles here.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Other.
I haven't got any answers yet, just questions!!!!!


I am a different tech so please only rate my assistance from this point forward as I just picked up the question. I believe Chas was just trying to get some details from you.


Now for your issue. That machine only has two speeds since it has only a two speed motor. The selector will have selections for Spin and Agitate speeds...but there are only two for each...basically Fast or Slow for Agitate and Spin, so you could count 4 total. The issue of the agitator slowing down is caused from the top bearing inside the transmission seizing up and getting tight. When this happens the belt slips a lot as it is designed to do under load, when the load is too great it slips too much causing the agitator to turn slowly. There is no clutch on that machine at all, it uses a fabric coated belt to slip that acts as the clutch. When that bearing gets tight it drags too much on the belt hence the slowness. He may have cut the springs to try and increase belt tension on the motor springs. That is all that he really could have done. The correct fix for this problem is to take the transmission out and replace the top bearing. This can be done and is a labor intensive job. This is very common on that machine, but that is the best machine that was ever built. A lot of techs do not understand this machine so the guy that was out at your house may not even know this, you really have to understand that machine to understand this issue.


If you want to see this tip the machine up against the wall and try and remove the belts. Turn the center pulley by hand, you will notice it may be harder to turn. That should move freely with one finger with nearly no resistance at all in the direction for agitate. When turned the opposite it will ramp up and disengage the brake for spin.

Appliance Guru, Owner and Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 14868
Experience: Over 15 yrs. experience with 10,000+ in home repairs.
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