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We have a Thermador Cook N Vent SGSX456ZS. 10 years old. We

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We have a Thermador Cook N Vent SGSX456ZS. 10 years old. We seldom use the vent, but it struggles to go up and down - have to push or pull to help it. Otherwise OK.

Is cleaning it, from the access panels, likely to make a difference? It looks pretty difficult to gain access to more than that, but I'm willing if appropriate. Pretty handy mechanically.
I doubt that anything here is so dirty that cleaning would be of any help, but you cannot guess either as only you are there to see anything. There is nothing odd about the motors on these losing their strength over time and that is what is most likely at fault here. The only way to replace the motor is to take off everything that is in the way to access the interior of the hood assembly from your cabinet area.The motor is in the middle area of the assembly.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks very much. Apparently the drive motor is the same as the fan motor - about $200. I plan to take it apart and try to confirm your diagnosis before ordering the motor.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did take it apart today, and found that with the linkage disconnected, I could hardly move the snorkel up and down myself - and I'm 6'-5". It was binding very badly - no wonder the motor couldn't operate it. I lubed the slides and sliding parts with WD-40, and it freed up nicely - now the motor does the job just fine. There wasn't any cooking grease - maybe the grease in the slides had dried up and stiffened over the years...


Earlier I had also talked to one local Thermador serviceman, and he too suspected the motor - said he'd never had to replace a slide.


Thanks again - I appreciate your basis of experience, and your answer was entirely appropriate without being able to see or touch the unit.

Thanks- this is why it is important to not guess at an issue- only a proper investigation can reveal what is going on.