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My freezer is producing ice cubes that are hollow. In addition,

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My freezer is producing ice cubes that are hollow. In addition, water is flowing down from my ice maker into the ice bin and is freezing my ice bin in the slot. Also, I have ice on the bottom of my freezer, and sometimes water comes out onto my floor. I suspect that the defrost drain is blocked. I am not a appliance repair expert, but that is what I think might be wrong.
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So I just have one quick question for you. Is the water flow really slow on the water dispenser itself?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, my water dispenser is normal. The flow is normal.

OK. I ask because hollow cubes comes from poor water volume getting to the icemaker. If the dispenser is normal then that means your filter and water supply to the refrigerator is not a problem. Unfortunately that means that your electronic water valve has a solenoid that isn't allowing enough water to get up to the icemaker in the allotted time. Below is a link to the valve on the back of your refrigerator that you'll need to order and replace to fix the issue.

CLICK HERE for valve

As for the water on the floor of the freezer, you are exactly right--your defrost drain line has frozen over and will need to be thawed out. This often times happens for no reason at all and is just random. You will need to remove everything out of your freezer and remove the back panel inside the freezer. Use a hair dryer to thaw all the ice out and locate the drain hole. Pour hot water down the drain hole until it's draining properly again. Once it's draining properly blow compressed air down to make sure it's clear. If you don't have compressed air, use a turkey baster to make sure the drain line is clear and draining properly. Cut a solid copper piece of wire about 6 inches long. Wrap it around the defrost heater a couple times just above the drain hole and extend it 2 inches into the defrost drain hole. That will transfer heat into the drain hole when the defrost heater turns on and will prevent the defrost drain line from freezing over in the future.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just to let you know, some of the cubes are hollow, but some are normal. The hollow cubes break easily and are all over my bin and the shards come out of my ice dispenser like broken glass. Sometimes all are solid, and other times, they are hollow.

Understood, but that doesn't affect the cause whatsoever. The valve will still need to be replaced to fix this issue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

One last question:


Should I wait for the valve and do all at once, or does it not really matter. In other words, are these repairs connected, or can they be done separately without a problem?


The valve is behind the refrigerator, not behind the panel on the inside, correct?

The repairs are not connected at all. You can fix the drain line issue and worry about the icemaker issue later.

But that being said, I'm reading your initial statement and you say that you can see water dripping from the icemaker itself into the ice bucket? If that's the case, don't replace the valve. The reason the cubes are hollow is because the icemaker is leaking and you need a new icemaker. Below is a link to the icemaker you'd need to replace for your model.

CLICK HERE for icemaker

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. Water is coming out of my ice bin, and dribbling in FRONT of my frozen food and freezing on it. I have already ordered the valve, but I will now cancel the order and instead order a new icemaker. This will be my third icemaker in 4 years. Maybe I need a better refrigerator?

Ah yes, I would cancel the valve and replace the icemaker--sorry about that confusion. But 3 icemakers in 4 years is really bad. Honestly these icemakers usually last about 10-15 years since they're made by Whirlpool for Maytag. I think you've definitely just had some bad luck.