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I have a Matag model MBL2255KES, I defrosted it, due to frost

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I have a Matag model MBL2255KES, I defrosted it, due to frost biulding up on the back wall of the freezer, after defrosting, I restarted it and it made 1 round of ice cubes, but nothing since. Freezer is set to 2, and the (compressor) fan on the back of the unit seems to be running continiously. Another thing I've noticed is when I close the freezer door it seens to seal find, but when I open it later, it doesnt seen like it sealed or has "sucked in" like it did just after I close it.
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How long ago did you defrost it. Do you know what the temp is in the freezer?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I defrosted it about 2 weeks ago, I dont know the temp in there, be everything is frozen

Freezing is 32 degrees. The unit wont make ice unless it is 0 to -5 degrees. If the unit isn't defrosting you will need to replace the defrost control board. This is a really common problem on this model. The defrost control board is located in the top of the fridge behind the controls. It is easy to replace. Remove the light cover. Then look at the back of the controls and use a flat head crew driver to push in on the tabs. You can order the control board from this link. CLICK HERE.

To check the door seal use a piece of paper and put it between the cabinet and the seal. Then pull out on the paper. If you feel resistance then the seal is ok.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is it possible that the freezer is too cold, hence that control board is shot? Does that board also control the frost free part of the freezer? I'm just trying to understand the problem, and the fix. Thanks

Yes the control board controls the frost free part. I doubt the freezer is to cold if it is set at 4. The higher the number the colder the setting. If you are set at 2 the freezer wont even be 0 degrees. If the freezer isn't at least 0 degrees it wont make ice.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

One more question, will I need to defrost the freezer after I replace the part? Thank you for being helpful!

Yes if there is frost built up again you will need to defrost it.
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