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When I push the power button everything turns on. But when

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When I push the power button everything turns on. But when I push the start button the power goes out. Kenmore HE2t 110.47561603. Thankyou.

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today.

Good when you program a wash cycle that works fine correct ? but as soon as you try to start that cycle the machine completely shuts down ? no light on the control are on at all ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, that is what happens.


Okay this mean you have a bad main control interface. Main Control Board(NNN) NNN-NNNNMain Product View this is a common failure on these. you need to order and replace the control. I have included a link to order that part below. , thanks and best wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This problem is similar to one i had a few years ago. We replaced the main control 3 times, it turned out to be a loose wire on the heat sensor,is this a possibility?

well that usually doesn't cause the whole control to shut off. are there any fault codes that come up at all ? you can try a diagnostic test if you wish.

6 - 8











Control Action

Door is Locked

Filling by cold water inlet valve

Distribution system is set to P rewash position

Fill by hot water inlet valve

Basket rotates clockwise at wash speed

Heater is switched ON.

Basket rotates clockwise with wash speed.

If there is not enough water in the tub, the

water inlet valve will be switched ON to fill-in

the minimum water quantity.


On GHW 9100 Models only the

Temperature Sensor will be checked

Drain Pump is ON

Basket rotates counterclockwise

from 35 to 90 rpm

within 15 seconds

Basket rotates counterclockwise

with max. speed

Basket speed > 1100 rpm

Actuators to be Checked

Door Lock System

Flowmeter, Cold water inlet valve

Dispenser motor,

Dispenser contact

Hot water inlet valve

Motor, MCU control

Heater, Temperature Sensor

Drain Pump

Motor, MCU control

Motor, MCU control


The control must be in the OFF state before pressing the touch-pad sequence to start the test.

Starting the test mode

Close the door.

Press the Control On button.

Select the DRAIN/SPIN cycle.

Select NO SPIN by pressing the SPIN SELECT button, as needed.

Push Prewash Option button four (4) times within five (5) seconds. C:00 will show in the display.


If Model does not have PREWASH Mode as an option, press RINSE/HOLD.

If the Starting procedure fails, push PAUSE/CANCEL button. Then repeat the starting sequence.

Test Program Control during Execution

To advance to the next step of the test procedure, push Prewash Option button two (2) times

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am unable to run a diagnostic test. I followed your instructions & it will not work. #1 close door
#2press control button on- I assume this is the power button #3 select drain/spin #4 select no spin #5 push prewash button 4x in 5seconds When i dod this it shows 2 minites in the display, when i push the start button it runs through that cycle

Okay so this wont go through the diagnostics? is the door locked on this ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Does it unlock when you press off ? or is it stuck locked. ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

THe door only shows lock when i press start fo the test. It does not show lock any other time

alright , lets try this. along the back there are screws holding the top on, remove them and lift the top up at the back and slide it out from under the front control. set it aside, now turn machine on. wiggle the wiring harnesses and see if the control goes off. I have seen a lot of the control interfaces with bad solder joints that come loose. can you do that ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I moved, wiggled, shook & touched every wire & connector i could find. The power stayed on.

okay lets try this, close the door. Select any one key (except PAUSE/
CANCEL) and follow the steps below,
using the same key (remember the key):
4 seconds
Release for
4 seconds
4 seconds
Release for
4 seconds
4 seconds
Upon release, all console LED lights will turn on for 5 seconds.
If there are any failure codes, all cycle LED lights will flash and the appropriate Status LED's will turn on.
The Estimated Time Display will display failure code (if
Note any codes that appear
Press the same key to advance to the
next failure code. (If the console doesn't
change then the same failure code was
stored multiple times.)
If there aren't any more failure codes all
the lights on the console will turn on for
5 seconds.
Next the washer begins the Diagnostic
To cancel out of service mode press
PAUSE/CANCEL. (This exits you out of
the program.)
Lets see if the machine will run thru the quick test cycle
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I got a F24 code 2x. Then the washer ran through all the cycles quickly

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Bryan, I took off the back cover of the washer & found a broken wire going to the sensor. I put on a new connecter & problem solved. I am glad that I did not replace the Main Control Interface. I am glad we researched the problem deeper. Thank you, Tim

thats fantastic Tim ! I'm glad also. it took a bit to find the correct test procedure but I'm glad we did ! thanks and great job ! have a great day. Bryan
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