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As follow up to this question (the timer on my Hotpoint Range

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As follow up to this question (the timer on my Hotpoint Range RS647G*05 keeps going off) and Tom Goellner's response, which I paid to unlock, how do I get to the wires of the timer to cut them? Two of the screws on the faceplate are stripped (allen wrench), so I don't know how else I might get to the wires. If I break the glass cover to clock, can I get to the timer through there? Or can you suggest how to otherwise remove the stripped screws? I also need some help in removing the corner tops on the stove that also seem to be securing the faceplate ... I pulled the stove out, but the corners don't seem to want to pull off either. Diagram/manual excerpt if any also appreciated.

Nothing else is wrong with the stove.

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Good afternoon, I'm sorry to hear your having trouble with this. unfortunately breaking the glass wont give you access to the wiring on the clock. heres a diagram of the range though, you would have to get the screws out to access this. what you need is a Stripped Screw Extractor Set. graphic they sell these at Lowes or any hardware store. your only other option would be to drill the screw out.

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the top with lift and there are hinges that connect it once you get the screws out lift it up from the front. this will give you access, the hinges I marked wit a red arrow, (only one but there two, one on each side, thank you for the generous bonus. Bryan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Many thanks for the good information and the diagram of the hotpoint stove. I'll definitely make another trip to the hardware store to purchase the stripped screw extractor kit. The diagram of the hotpoint stove looks like I may be able to get to the timer without having to remove the stove top corners. Am I correct in reviewing the diagram correctly, or do you think I might also have to remove the metal stove top parts as well to get to the timer? Thanks again for your help and your quick response to the earlier question.

the stove top burners will lift with the top. no need to remove them.
I believe the trim will lift with it also.