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I have a Miele condensing dryer that is 10 years old and suddenly

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I have a Miele condensing dryer that is 10 years old and suddenly when I turned it in to dry clothes it started to smell like something was burning - almost like rubber. I turned it off immediately. What could it be?
My name is ***** ***** I am an authorized Miele service tech an I can help you today.
Can you please repost the model number of the dryer so i may be able to look up the diagrams and model specific info and help you better.
In most cases when you smell a burning odor it usually comes from either the belt or motor.
I can walk you through the checking procedure so please get back to me here if you need more helping with this machine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello - it is a Novotronic T1570 C
Condenser Dryer
M-NR 03719550
Thanks Carolyn,
I will look it up now and get back to you. But in the meantime have you tried removing the dryer from the wall so you can access the back?
In most model dryers like this there is usually a small access port in the back of dryer. And if you remove that panel you can easily see if the belt or motor is the cause for the burning odor.
I will get back to you here in a minute or two after I look up your model.
ok. got it.
please first remove the top of the dryer by removing the screws to the back of the top panel. Then pull the top panel back and up. With the top panel off the machine you will be able to see the belt and drum. give a good pull on the belt. If it comes completely off then that is the problem. And the belt will need to be replaced.
If the belt doesnt come off then the motor is the problem and we will have to take a closer look at that. But to do so it will involve much more taking apart of the machine. So if you are ok with that we will remove the front panels and look at the motor.
Otherwise, if you are either not comfortable working on this unit please let me know and I will recommend a service tech in your area. And they will come to you and check the unit out for you.
If you need the belt please either go to or call them directly to order the part.
Please get back to me here if you have more questions ro concerns and i will help you more. otherwise, if the motor is the issue and you feel it will be best to let a service tech deal with it then please remember to rate my performance positively below with ok service or better rating. and if you have more questions please get back to me here and i will help you more for no additional charge.
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