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LG LRFD25850 bottom freezer two door model. DUTCH DOOR TYPE.

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LG LRFD25850 bottom freezer two door model. DUTCH DOOR TYPE. Compressor runs continualy until the refrigerator is in the low 30's then overtemp control shuts the compressor off. Unplug for 8 or more hours and it starts and runs but keeps on running until it's super cold.! Not iced up. Changeing temp settings has no effect.. I think the temp control thermistor is bad or the main board? Where is the thermistor located and where does it connect to the main board..or does it connect somewhere else?? Is there a compressor relay? where would it be? A schematic and wireing diagram would help a great deal !

graphicHello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

most likely you have a bad sensor. this is the first thing I would change in this, its part number 610B on this diagram. I put a red arrow to show you where. (the diagrams hard to read) this is what your looking for. Thermistor 6500JB2001L     Main Product Viewthis controls the temp. these are cheap and I would start there, heres a link to the part.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That is exactly what I thought. I ordered the sensor Thursday and it should be here this week. thanks for showing me where it is located

I pried the small plastic cover off to expose some of it, but how do I remove it?? looks like the liner has to be removed!.

actually you need to cut the wires as close to the (bulb part white part at the end) and get small connectors from lowes and wire the new one in. these go through the cabinet and you cant take that apart. sometimes these come with connectors .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you.. I have a load of those small splices.. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.


you have a nice weekend as well

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