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my bosch washer model #wfmc2201 will not start. We have checked

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my bosch washer model #wfmc2201 will not start. We have checked the power source, the intake water hoses, the breaker box, the cleanout for the water pump (which had some smelly water in it). It appears to latch tight, the lights come on properly and we can choose different settings which then change the length of cycle accordingly but when we push the start button, it is like a recalcitrant child; it ignores us. I purchased this used from an estate and have had no trouble for the past 6 months. We get no error reading and unplugging then replugging in the machine hasn't helped reset any computer 'brains'. Thank you for your time!
I am here to help you solve this, so please withhold any ratings until we are done. Giving me a poor service rating during the diagnosis portion will not endear me to help you further. A proper diagnosis must be made to know what is wrong here.

I am not a miracle worker- all I can do is help you find out what is wrong. Whether that turns out to be good news or bad is NOTHING that I have any control over.

If that is fine then reply back and we can start.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

that is fine! I don't know how to take the drawer out or the front off to look at anything inside so you will need to walk me through that.

Put the cycle knob to off. Hold the spin selection and delay start buttons down THEN turn the knob to perm press cold by turning ccw 1 click and hold buttons down until P01 shows then release them.

let me know if that happens.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

okay, we are at that point

Press start and let me know what shows
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

nothing, should i try putting it on a cycle first?

The main control is bad here as it should have changed what showed in the display, sells these, so you can CALL them on Monday with the full model# XXXXX they can let you know what you are looking at.

The control snaps into place and is not a difficult thing to replace as the console comes right off after removing the screws that are behind the small round plastic covers which also pop off when pried.
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