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Our Bosch dishwasher SHE model will not go through the final

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Our Bosch dishwasher SHE model will not go through the final drain cycle and leaves the bottom of the unit full of water. The drain pump is fine. Is the problem in the control panel?
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Is the dishwasher just running forever and never stopping? Or does the cycle finish but there is water left in the bottom of the tub?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The cycle finishes and leaves water in the bottom of the tub.

OK then you definitely have a drain issue. How you can be so certain that the drain pump is good without replacing it is beyond me, because I know as someone who was trained by Bosch themselves that there is no way to know that without replacing the part. Bosch dishwashers are not easy to work on for drain issues unfortunately.

First, I'm going to assume you didn't change your garbage disposal recently--so if you did please speak up. You'll need to open the door and remove the center cylinder filter as well as the silver stainless mesh filter plate. This will allow you get gain access to the plastic sump (or pump cavity) below the filters. There is a little plastic dome held down by 1 screws on down inside the left side of the sump. Remove the screw (it's a size 15 torx bit screwdriver) and check for any blockages to the drain pump impeller that is now exposed. Put the cap back on and run another cycle to see if it works. If not, you'll need to uninstall the unit, disconnect the drain hose and blow through it to see if it's clear. If it's clear---replace the drain pump. Below is a link to a video that will show you how to take the sump apart to check the drain impeller.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I already did everything you listed as well as replacing the drain pump with a new unit. I also saw the video on how to replace the drain pump.

Then you're overlooking something or you're not getting power to the drain pump. You'll need to check for 120 volts to the drain pump when it should be draining. If you're not getting 120 volts to the drain pump throughout the cycle, then you'd need to replace the control board inside the door because there is nothing else that would cause the issue.

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