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samsung WF 9854RWE washing machine . The machine will not

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samsung WF 9854RWE washing machine . The machine will not complete its wash and the door remains locked

Hi there and thank you for choosing this service.

the UE is a unbalanced error

Laundry load is unbalanced, manually loosen any tangled laundry.

If only one item of clothing needs washing, such as a bathrobe or jeans, the final spin result might be unsatisfactory and an UE error message will be shown in the display. Unbalance error is cleared by POWER switch OFF and back ON.

go ahead and power the machine off for 5 minutes then press the cancle/clear option then try to open the door. tell me if you are able to get it open. thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Cannot untangle anything as cannot open the door(front loader). I have tried everything that you have suggested. Except the cancel button as it does not have a cancel button !

Okay, remove the top panel (2 screws across the top rear) the top will slide back and unlock. With the machine unplugged, stick your hand down behind the door lock and there should be a plastic tab that you can pull on to manually open the door. It will slide like a switch... if there is no tab, feel the tongue from the door that pokes into the hole and try to slide it across, and genlty apply pressure on the door. While your inside the cabinet.

also Check behind the filter door also, down the front of the cabinet, it may have the emergency ring pull for the door, near the filter.

i hope that i have been helpful. please reply if you have any other questions.

gst85 and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

AS this will take me a bit of time can I contact you again if no success ?

You sure can. this will do the trick just follow my instructions, once the door is open just re arrange your clothing and try running another cycle.