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I have a 2002 Kitchen Aid fridge (model #KBRC36FKS00) that

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I have a 2002 Kitchen Aid fridge (model #KBRC36FKS00) that has a blinking light where it says "Call for service." Now I understand that I should call someone but the fridge is still cool and seems to be working. I reset the fridge settings and also replaced the water filter, as it needed it. Do you have any past experience in guessing the possible reasons why the "Call for service" light would be blinking? Are there a few things that could be checked before I call for someone? Thanks.
First thing I would do is turn the power off to the fridge for a couple minutes to reset the control board.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your quick reply. I did turn it off and kept it off for 10 minutes. The light is still blinking. Any other thoughts perhaps?
Is the fan running at the top and did you clean the coils at the top?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I will check on the fan now. I did clean the coils but it was hard to get deep in there... is there something specific I should use to clean them in the middle and back of them?
They do sell a condenser coil brush at the hardware for 5 dollars.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Oh great, thanks for the recommendation! Since I don't know about refrigerators, I'm not sure what the coils are for or how often they should be clean. If they are not clean, what are they affecting on the fridge? Also, the fan is running.
The coils on the top release the heat from the unit. They should be cleaned once a year so the fridge doesn't work as hard. If the fan is running then I would call for service even if the unit is cooling because when it stops cooling you will have an emergency.
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