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Our Whirlpool Kitchenaid Microwave has stopped heating at all. Model:

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Our Whirlpool Kitchenaid Microwave has stopped heating at all.
Model: Microwave and Oven combo KEMS378SSS04

The control panel works, and when you start the microwave, it sounds fine, the turntable spins, the lights turn on but there is no heat.

There was a while when if I changed the cooking power, and did a manual cooking, it would heat a little, now there isn't even that.
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Most likely you have a bad magnetron. The magnetron is the heating element in the microwave. The repair needs to be done by a tech. The repair will cost over 300 dollars so I recommend just buying a new microwave.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That's what kitchenaid mentioned, but in reading through these forums it sounded like others suggested that there could be a different issue?


If the microwave is running like normal with no other sounds most likely it is the magnetron. Since it runs like normal it eliminates the possibility of it being any of the easy things such as a fuse or a door switch. You may also have a bad high voltage transformer which is still to expensive to repair.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there any check i can do to ensure that it actually IS the magnetron and nothing else?

The only test you can do is to test the magnetron isn't grounded. Most magnetron dont ground out when they fail. There is no way to test voltage to the magnetron because it is so high. You basically have to test every part around the magnetron narrow the problem down. This will require a tech.
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