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I took the door off a GE oven that has the door hinges WB10T10007.

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I took the door off a GE oven that has the door hinges WB10T10007. I needed to replace the trim on the bottom of the door. It came off very easy but am having a difficult time replacing. I have seen the instructions but it looks like my hinges are not in the right position. The prong on the hinges are at a 90 degree angle (that is the way they came out). Looking at the pictures it appears the angle should be 45 degrees. I cannot figure out how to release it from a 90 to 45 degree angle. Not sure if the set screw has something to do with it.
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When you took the door off did you just lift up on it?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

More like straight out even though the manual said to lift up.

Ok before you lift up on the door you have to lock out the hinges in order to put it back on. Its easy to lock out the hinges when the door is on the oven. It is somewhat difficult to do once it is off but is possible. You will have to push the hinge down and then lift up the tab that locks out the hinge. You can see in this picture the tab that need to lift up. CLICK HERE

Here is a video that might help. CLICK HERE
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have tried pushing the prong from a 90 to a 45 angle but it does not budge. Both sides of the door came off this way. I believe the only way I can put the door back on is to change the angle of the prong that goes into the stove so the notch can catch. The video refers to a difficult type of hinge. There has to be a way to move the prong into the right position.

The picture is you hinge though. You are right that the prong need to be pushed down of else the door will never go back on. There isn't a video of your exact hinge but yours is close to that. Here is a better video of your problem. CLICK HERE

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