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I have a Whirlpool ER8AHKXRB01 (black) refrigerator. After

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I have a Whirlpool ER8AHKXRB01 (black) refrigerator. After freezer walls iced up and fridge got warmer I completely defrosted it--even using a blow dryer as some of you have suggested. Compressor, fans, lights all worked before I reassembled it. A couple weeks later frost started creeping up the wall of the freezer. It is just past the halfway point now. Fridge and freezer are getting warmer again. Only thing I did not take apart before was the middle assembly inside top of fridge (with light and temp control). Can you tell me what parts are not working? I can replace them myself, but need to know what should be ordered for this discontinued model. Thank you so much for your help here.l
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Ok the auto defrost cycle isn't working and that is why the frost is building up. Do you have a multimeter?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Please fill me in more and I will be happy to list being satisfied:

The discontinued model (ER8AHKXRB01) has less features than others in the categories I have researched here and on other sites. My original message said I took everything apart other than the middle part (temp control and light) on roof of the refrigerator portion. That portion has a thermostat wire extending from its rear.

I do not know what a multimeter is, but after I fully defrosted it a few weeks ago auto defrost did cycle regularly.

A multimeter is a tool used to test voltage.

Even though the model is discontinued doesn't mean the parts are for it.

The auto defrost system is made up of 3 parts. A defrost control board, an defrost thermostat and a defrost heater. One of the 3 parts is bad. Most likely the defrost control board is bad. If you have a meter we can test which part is bad.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, I do not have one. Some website posts have suggested replacing all three of the parts you suggested at the same time. Do you agree with that? Please answer this, plus where they are located in my unit, and I will happily rate your assistance as excellent. Afterward I'll order the parts and take care of fixing my faulty fridge. Your recommendation about where to buy them is also sought.

With out a meter I would replace just the defrost thermostat and the defrost control board. I have never seen the heater fail on this model yet. The defrost control board is located up by the controls on this inside of the fridge. The defrost thermostat is located behind the back panel INSIDE the freezer. It is clipped to the top of the evaporator.
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