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Dacor double wall ovens ECD230SBK (installed in 2005): Upper

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Dacor double wall ovens ECD230SBK (installed in 2005):

Upper oven has following condition:
- lower butterfly heating element (baking?) does not heat (tried bake, convection bake, pure convection);
- Upper heating element (broiler) appears to heat and work just fine;
- Convection element seems to heat fine (though I do not know how to confirm);
- Oven is not usable as it never reaches baking temp;
- No other issues noted - lights all work / display works;

Remedies Attempted:
- Removed cover plate and hit reset button behind locking mech. Did not hear or feel click (I assume this would not fix bc broiler works);
- Purchased a new butterfly heating element and installed it - same condition (no heat);
- Used a multimeter (first time ever) on both elements and they (both) test fine - to my untrained eye (the needle went all the way over);
- I checked the wires leading to the broiler for current and the light lit up on my electrical tester;
- Used the multimeter on the leads to the element and got no reading (could be operator error);
- Hit it with my fist and yelled at the dog (that did nothing);

So I am looking for confirmation that something is wrong with the control bd. Can it be fixed or does it need to be replaced. I think I can do it myself if I can fine the right part.

NOTE: Lower oven seems to work fine. I have used self-clean cycle a few times over the years, but not often. I plan never to use it again.

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You are correct you have a bad relay board. If you are handy you can replace it. You wave to pull the oven out of the wall about 1 foot and remove the top panel. The boards are marked upper and lower. Most the time you cant see anything wrong with the board but you can remove it and see if you see a burn mark on it.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can you tell me where I can get the part and what I should expect to pay?


Any difficulties in installation?


Do you happen to know the part number for this unit?

The wires are short so i wold take a picture so you dont mix them up.

You can order the board from this link. Click here