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I have Bosch SHE3ARF2UC/08 dishwasher that is less than 1 year

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I have Bosch SHE3ARF2UC/08 dishwasher that is less than 1 year old. After a bad lightning strike that hit our house, the dishwasher is displaying E:01. What does this error code mean? Is there a way for me to run a diagnostic program or reset the dishwasher?
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The E01 code means that water is not coming into the dishwasher.This could be a bad flow meter, but I believe you have a bad board due to the lighting strike. There is no reset for the board. You can check the fill valve to make sure it tests good. You should have continuity across the 2 terminals to the valve. Normally when this problems happens the main board under the unit is bad. It is on the right hand side and you hav to pull the unit out to get at it. It is powered all the time so if lighting has struck there is a 99% it is damaged.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your quick reply. Is there a way to test the main board or do I just assume that it is bad if the flow meter tests OK? Is the flow valve in the rear of the unit where the water line attaches?
The flow meter is off to the left hand side. The flow meter has a two wire harness to it you can check the magnetic pickup on it, I doubt it is bad given the age of the machine. I think the board was damaged for sure. It would look like this, but yours may not have one. I did not see it on your 08 series so then I would say the board for sure. Check the valve though for resistance or continuity to make sure it is good.

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