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Ratchet, Appliance Technician
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My Kenmore front loader model 417.42042100 will not agitate

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My Kenmore front loader model 417.42042100 will not agitate or spin. I checked voltage between pins 5/6 on 6 pin connector and it's zero. I replaced the door switch and it still won't work.

Ratchet : Hi I'm ratchet, do you mean the pins on the motor?
Ratchet : You most likely have a bad motor control. This is a common issue with this machine. The door lock sends voltage to the motor control. Through the motor control to the motor. That's why it's zero. Voltage isn't making it through the mcu
Ratchet : To the motor
Ratchet : Your part number is134869400

Sorry, the "5 /6" pin connector I was referring to was the six pin connector on the motor control. According to the tech sheet attached to the machine, if the voltage is zero between the 5 and 6 pins on the 6 pin connector on the motor control, the problem is either a bad door switch or bad timer.


So you're saying that the problem is not the timer or the door latch switch but the motor control board itself?

Ratchet : Absolutely, some of the older units actually have a removeable fuse you can test. The newer mcu's are soldered in. I would be surprised if it was the timer. I'm not saying it couldn't be, but it's not nearly as common as the mcu
Ratchet : Will the drain pump kick on?
Ratchet : Usually when it's the door lock it will agitate. When it's the mcu, no motor action at all.

the drain pump works fine. There is not agitation. My model had a fuse on the end of the mcu board. I didn't check it but it didn't look like it was burned out.




I'll see if I can test the fuse.

Ratchet : Check the mcu to see if you can check that fuse, it's most Likely open
Ratchet : Pop it out and check for continuity.

ok. at work now but will test tonight.


if the fuse is open and i replace the fuse, do you think that will fix the problem?


what causes the fuse the blow?

Ratchet : Sometimes, a small spike in voltage. When they get old they weaken. If the machine is working a little harder, it draws more current. That can cause it. I don't think you can just buy the fuse for it. I think it only comes with a new board. If the fuse is open, and you can find an exact match at some supply store, yeah it should work just fine. I would recommend replacing the whole mcu there could be other internal issues with the board.

o.k. thanks.

Ratchet : No problem
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