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applianceguy, Customer Service
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Ten Years experience. Certified in most major brands Including Whirlpool Frigidaire maytag Amana.
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I have a Maytag GS2127CADW. The ice dispenser stopped working

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I have a Maytag GS2127CADW. The ice dispenser stopped working - rather, it produces a slab of ice instead of cubes. The ice dispensing mechanism locks as there is water dripping onto the rear portion of it, where it slots into the shelf. There is some ice forming on the shelf above where the ice drawer slots in. The water drips into the back portion of the metal spiral, freezes it, SOTs it turning. It is 10 years old this year. Is it worth fixing? Thank you!

applianceguy :

Hi, can you see any signs of the icemaker leaking?

Customer: No. I have looked, but it must be a slow drip as ice is only a very thin coin piece after a few hours.
applianceguy :

There is going to be one of two problems. One, the icemaker has a crack in it or the fill valve is letting in too much water.

applianceguy :

you can take the icemaker out and fill with water. Hold it up and look for cracks, leaks.

Customer: Sound simple enough. Is it worth fixing?
applianceguy :

It can be if you can get the icemaker at the right price, below $100.00

Customer: What is the "usual" lifespan of this fridge?
applianceguy :

If no leaks, remove cover of ice maker and look for water adjust +or -

applianceguy :

!0 years

applianceguy :

You have to look at how much a new one is compared to fix.

Customer: Ok, how do I get the ice maker out? Is there an on line manual?
applianceguy :

No manual that i am aware of. Should just be three screws.

applianceguy :

Could be phillips or 1/4 inch nut driver.

applianceguy :

Two on top and one on the bottom. some only have the two on top.

applianceguy :

Then you just unplug the wire harness.

applianceguy :

If no leak and you have adjustment screw, turn it a quater turn lower. if no adjustment, i would replace the fill valve on back of unit.

Customer: Ok. It is frozen at the moment and nothing shifts! Have to defrost it to test this out. Many thanks for your prompt service and advice! Enjoy your day.
applianceguy :

You too, Thank You.

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