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We have a new 1 year old house and had a Kenmore Elite Double

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We have a new 1 year old house and had a Kenmore Elite Double Electric Built-In Oven P/NNNN-NN-NNNN and have problems maintaining the bake temperature. We have read the manual several times. We press UPPER, then BAKE, then 375, then START. The oven preheats and BEEPS when we get to 375F. But then the oven seems to stop maintaining the temperature and after 20 minutes it is reduced to 300F. We go through the same key presses and it goes back up but does not maintain the temperature. Is the oven need repair or are we doing something wrong?


appliancesupertech : Sorry you having a problem. If you set oven on 350 , it will go you to 375 and come back on at 325 for a average of 350. If your oven is under cooking or over cooking, you can adjust it on the control panel. In

Maybe I did not explain it right. We press UPPER, BAKE and type in the temperature to 3-7-5 instead of the default of 350F, it preheats and you hear the convection fan blow to preheat faster. And it BEEPS when it reaches the desired 375F temperature but after that the temperature continues to fall while still showing 375F on hte display. We know the temperature free falls because after a few minutes we press STOP and then we press UPPER, BAKE, 3-7-5 and START and now the temperature display shows that it many degrees lower than 3-7-5.


I think the preheat to the desired bake temperature is working fine but as soon as it transitions to the BAKE mode it shuts of even though the display says it is 375F

appliancesupertech : Did you receive my first post? My computer went crazy.

I got some of it. Sorry you having a problem. If you set oven on 350 , it will go you to 375 and come back on at 325 for a average of 350. If your oven is under cooking or over cooking, you can adjust it on the control panel. In then NADA

appliancesupertech : Ok I think you oven temp needs adjusting. When the temp drops down, does the oven temp come back up?

No, I do not think so. In the case of baking cookies, we set it to 3-7-5 and after the preheat and BEEP it was at 3-7-5. The display continues to say 3-7-5 but since the mixing took longer than we thought (15-20 minutes after the pre-heat) we shut the oven off, reset the BAKE, TEMP and Start and the temperature then read 230F. I really think the oven BAKE was off but the display was telling us it was at 375F.

appliancesupertech : Ok have you tried cooking after that?

Yes, several times. We consistently get it so that the BAKE temperature does not HOLD at the programmed temperature. I thought the wife was just not following the directions but I have repeated this at least 5 times today

appliancesupertech : The program in the control can confuse the customer when restarting in a cycle.
appliancesupertech : The real way to test is to use a digital thermometer to check and adjust temps.

OK, so what test do you want me to conduct?

appliancesupertech : Do you have a digital thermometer ?

OK I will go out and by an digital oven thermometer, I will not believe the actual temp but preheat it and see if the temperature drops some 100F. I am pretty sure it will since we were baking cookies and after 15 minutes at 375 they were only 1/2 baked and should have been done at 11 mintues

appliancesupertech : Also I need a complete model number off the oven. The one listed wont run.
appliancesupertech : We will get to the problem, but it will take some time.

OK, so I found an analog thermometer for meat and put it in the oven. Doing a preheat to 350F by pressing UPPER, BAKE, START and it should transition to BAKE after the BEEP. So we shall see if it maintains the temperature.


The Part number is XXXXX 205 327A off the user manual that came with the oven. Models are(NNN) NNN-NNNN490-4818 and(NNN) NNN-NNNNoff the same manual.

appliancesupertech : A analog thermometer is slow to respond. so after it pre heats, give it time to catch up.

The three model numbers are for different colors, we have the brushed aluminum with black glass

appliancesupertech : Ok

So it just reached 350 on the oven display, the small analog thermometer was actually fairly responsive and now waiting 10 minutes to see if it holds

appliancesupertech : Ok

So it gets more interesting. I set the oven at the lower preset temperature, pressed UPPER, BAKE and START which defaults the temperature to 350F and it worked. I saw the convection mode kick in on the display during preheat - top heater, lower heater and convection fan all being used during preheat, when it got to 350 it maintained the temperature on the analog thermometer and the digital display, and I saw the lower element on the display come on and off to maintain the temperature. I never saw that in the cookie use mode when I set the temperature to 375. Now I am starting to believe it is a user input error. So I pressed STOP, then UPPER, BAKE, 3-7-5 and START trying to set the oven to 375F ( a value other than the default). It has just BEEPED and I looked at the analog temperature for a reference point and now waiting 10 minutes. Is this input sequence correct?

appliancesupertech : Sounds like its working so far.

So, after about 8 minutes the analog temperature says it has dropped some 25F and still falling. The temperature on the oven display is showing 375. So what did I do wrong in setting the oven temperature to something other than the default. I also see the oven BAKE line in the display coming on and off like it is maintaining temperature but it is not maintaining at 375. it is much lower.


Yes it was working for the default 350F temperature. But it is now down 40F and still dropping

appliancesupertech : Next you need to make sure each element is really heating. When it cools down, remove the pan from bottom that's covering the bake element.

So to be precise, it using the BAKE mode in the oven at a user defined temperature, I should press the keypad with UPPER, BAKE, 3-7-5 and start?

appliancesupertech : This way you can see if its coming on.

OK, so you want me to see if the element is actually rad in color

appliancesupertech : When the display shows the bottom unit is on, it should get red if it stays on long enough .

So I just shut down the oven and there is no cover to take off on the bottom. The whole oven looks like it is one continuous piece and the broiler element is exposed with the cut out in the back for the convection. By the way, the temperature was some 50F lower when I just shut it off.

appliancesupertech : Ok you have a true hidden bake element. I pulled up another model you listed and now see your model.
appliancesupertech : Those bake elements are known for going out. If you have a multi meter and are willing to take oven apart, I can instruct you in the check and replacement.
appliancesupertech : It's pre heating with the convection element and broil element. When it switches to bake, the bake element is not heating.

Yes I have a multimeter, I am actually an electrical engineer - semi-retired. But I think I will call a repair guy

appliancesupertech : Ok if not, I am here to help. I changed many of these in the field. Please don't forget to rate my answers, thanks!
appliancesupertech : How did you make out with the service call?

I had to leave town for work and have an appointment on valentines day.


We have been using the lower oven with no issues so I believe you are correct with the failure - maybe it was not installed right and got loose, either way it will get fixed. Do you have the instructions on how to do it yourself just in case. I believe I know how to get the door off, some 10 degree open and lift and then it looks like a dozen screws around the enclosure, not sure about the light or the upper element on the broiler. thanks for asking steve

appliancesupertech : The oven needs to be pulled out about 3 inches. Then below the top door is a vent cover. Remove 1 or 2 screws on each side. Then remove screws holding latch on vent cover. You will see a clip holding element pan cover in place. Remove and lower pan. Unhook 2 wires to element and remove pan.
appliancesupertech : You wil be able to see break in coil.
appliancesupertech : Please don't forget to rate my answers before this chat time out, thanks!
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