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Bought a replacement door for GE SCB2000CBB03 Advantium microwave

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Bought a replacement door for GE SCB2000CBB03 Advantium microwave oven because paint on inside had peeled off and metal was rusting. Have looked at parts schematic but do not see how to remove and replace it. Am suspecting that I need to remove unit from wall to get at bottom hinge attachments, but need advice before I start.
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Remove Oven Door

WARNING: A microwave leakage test must be
performed anytime a door is removed, replaced,
disassembled, or adjusted for any reason. The
maximum leakage is 4 MW/CM2

1. Disconnect power by turning off the circuit

2. Open the door and remove any ceramic or
metal trays or grills from the oven.
Caution: Put electrician’s tape on each side of the
hinges prior to performing the next step. This will
protect the door panel from scratches.

3. Insert a 1.0-in.-long pin (0.098-in. diameter)
into the hole of each hinge.

4. Close the door approximately one-third of the

5. Lift up on the door to remove it from the oven.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Kelly, I noted the warning to have my new microwave door tested for leakage. I’m sure this is a coverall statement, because the only way for a door to “leak” microwaves is for it to be cracked/broken, totally misaligned or severely warped. The door to case contact is not really a “seal” but unless abnormally wide will not allow microwave radiation at 2.45 GHz to escape. Likewise, as long as the metal film with holes is next to the glass, microwaves won’t escape through it since the holes are designed to be small enough to prevent passage. I’m not trying to be a curmudgeon about this, but after correctly installing the new door by following your instructions, I’m not inclined to buy a tester or hire a technician. I would attach the two engineering articles I read and saved, but I’m sure you are aware of their content. I will send them to my nuclear engineer buddy to see if he has any further knowledge about reverse Faraday cages…which is what a microwave is. All the best, Dave

That is there for a CYA on my part. An actual microwave is about the size of a number 2 pencil lead, so unless you have some big closure issues, you should be fine.

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