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Ratchet, Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Please let me know how to install the outlet pipe for the heat

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Please let me know how to install the outlet pipe for the heat generated by the dryer on my new LG F1480YD25. Thanks!

Ratchet : Hello I'm ratc
Ratchet : So when the steam pours out of the dryer, that means the vent is usually clogged. Is this the issue you are having or is there more?
Ratchet : I can help
JACUSTOMER-14kaai6w- :

It is a brand new machine, so I don't think the vent is clogged. Perhaps there is a cap on the vent that I didn't know about?

JACUSTOMER-14kaai6w- :

So far, i have installed the water pipe. I can't find any instructions or obvious elements on the machine itself that points towards a hose (as I have seen in many other dryers) that stretches outside to blow steam out.

JACUSTOMER-14kaai6w- :

Sorry! Didn't mean to give you a bad review, i just need an answer and don't want to pay twice


Hi Ratchet


I am at work now and have to leave my computer in a moment.


But if you can help me with the answer i'm happy to change the review

Ratchet : Are you kidding me guy, bad review for what, ....... Trying to help you. You know people have to sleep some time. It's guys like you giving a guy like me a bad review while I'm asleep thanks buddy
Ratchet : I can help you. Send me a message when you get back to your computer.
Ratchet : Is this a steam dryer, I tried to search your model number but nothing came up

I am back at my computer and at home.


The machine is a Washer Dryer combination.


Ratchet : Ok one moment, I'm going to locate some technical information


Ratchet : Your washer/ dryer combo is ventless. Wich means that you do not need an external vent. As for the steam when you open the door, the door was probably opened mid cycle, and when the hot moist air mixed with the environment air it created steam. Did you smell a burning or electrical smell?

no burning smell


or electrical

Ratchet : As for the vent, you don't need one. It vents internally

so I am good to keep washing & drying clothes in there? I

Ratchet : Yes, these machines are not all that common, so your concerns with the vent are understandable. I just wanted to apologies for last night. I will be happy to help you any time. If the negative could be changed to positive that would be great. Do you have any more questions at this time?

Thanks very much for your help. No worries, I sent a message to the "Contact Us" section asking them to retract... confusion over timing, etc. I am more than happy to give you a great review.

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