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Frigidaire side by side compressor starter is buzzing and timing

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Frigidaire side by side compressor starter is buzzing and timing out the overload circuit without starting the comp... comp contacts are reading correct continuity according to manufacturer specs... replaced the starter and capacitor already... any help?

Hi there and thank you for choosing this service. do this, unplug the unit for 15 minutes, Then plug it back and listen for compressor tell me if it runs for a few seconds, say 10 and trip the overload?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Don't think so... When the starter loads... it's buzzing pretty loud... i have to feel it to check because of the noise....I don't feel the compressor run for any amount of time...

Okay, so you have already replaced the (starter relay) and you still get a buzzing sound, that tells me that you have a bad compressor and needs to be replaced to fix your problem. about how old is this model?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
5yrs + or -Unplugged and let sit for 2hours... Then plugged back in and the compressor fired right up... No loud buzzing or noise this time... Do you still think its the compressor?
Okay, the compressor could be overloading because due to overheating which happens when the condenser fan stops running or the coils become very dirty. feel the compressor, tell me if it feels warm?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes... And the condenser fan is working
Okay, so it may be a sign of a compressor failure but there is no way to determine that until the compressor actually stops working. i believe that it is going to be fine for now. please reply if you have any other questions, if not please leave a positive rating before you go. thank you and have a great weekend.
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