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Randy 43
Randy 43, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 3771
Experience:  20 yrs experience 18 in home,gas license , refrigeration expert
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gas range burner problems

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Gas range one burner wont lite. Got it to lite a couple times by giggling it. Also three of the other burners wont lite all the way around the burner and the flames aren't big enough. Model number plcf489ccc. Customer bought the range from someone whom had it hooked to LP. It is now hooked to natural gas. All ignitors work. All burners click. The two simmer burners in the back come on just not that strong of a flame. The burner in the middle of those two is the only good flame. The front left flame not big and doesn't go all the way around the burner. Front right burner wont come on.

Randy 43 :

hello, have you changed over the burner orifices? from LP to natural? thx randy

Customer: The main office was fliped back to natural but there is no conversion kit on switching the other offices back
Randy 43 :

if you have the LP orifices in the burners on natural gas , that is why the burners dont have a proper flame, the natural gas burners have a bigger orifice

Randy 43 :

Lp conversion kit - Part # XXXXX Mfg Part #NNN-NN-NNNN width=
Full Size Image

Customer: I looked that up and it was called an LP conversion kit
Randy 43 :

it comes with NAT orifices installed ..the customers usually keep the other ones in the manual or storage drawers, you need the Nat orifices ,that is the issue , you should be able to get them from any parts dealers or they can order them in, are you sure they arent taped somewhere in a bag on the range somewhere?

Customer: Positive. A Sears tech told the customer that they couldn't get the orfices and all they needed were the gas openings
Randy 43 :

gas opening? you need to switch those burner orifices and the main regulator and oven ..not sure what you mean by gas openings?

Customer: The orfices wouldn't be the issue on the front right burner not lighting though would it
Randy 43 :

not in the manual bag?

Randy 43 :

it may be if it reqs more gas ? its hard to say for sure until you get the proper orifices installed

Customer: the oven is electric. Under the burner you have the gas opening. It is just a silver tube
Customer: they don't have the manual
Customer: How would I word getting the natural gas orfices
Randy 43 :

every gas burner has a orifice either propane or natural gas ,they cant have just a tube

Randy 43 :

it is just called a nat gas orifice

Customer: I agree
Customer: The orificeyou can see through the gas opening
Randy 43 :

yes it is screwed in at the bottom

Customer: I have been told I should be able to just adjust the flame but not much adjustment
Randy 43 :

no there isnt that much adjustment , because there isnt adequate gas flow to the burner , that is why there are 2 different orifices, if you get a nat gas orifice you will see the difference in the size of the hole ,its double the size

Customer: I agree with you
Randy 43 :

whoever is telling you these things doesnt have a gas ticket or not experienced working on gas

Customer: on this site can you order a natural gas conversion kit for a stove Moslem number pcf
Customer: Model number plcf489ccc
Randy 43 :

we are just a answer site ,we dont supply parts , but if you deal with a frigidaire parts warranty site they should be able to source those orifices for you

Randy 43 :

it shouldnt be hard to get them ,

Randy 43 :

they have the LP ones so the NAT ones should be available also but not on the site i generally prefer

Customer: How are you on electric cook tops
Randy 43 :

i work on all appliances

Customer: I have another one that stumped me
Randy 43 :

we are only really allowed to answer one question at a time , but if its easy i can give it a whirl

Customer: The coil burners only half of all four glow red
Randy 43 :

reg elements? they are a coil it cant just glow red on half ? that just isnt a coating from the pans ? the elements can discolor and can have brighter spots

Customer: What can cause that problem
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