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i have a whirlpool range mod# XXXXX s/n# XXXXX every

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i have a whirlpool range mod# XXXXX s/n# XXXXX every time iuse the broiler for more than 15 min. it frys the oven control switch. only the broiler circuit side of the small circuit board inside the switch burns out. i talked with my local repair man. he has no clue. help me please. this will be my fourth switch in 5 years. could have bought a new range. thank you.
Hi my name isXXXXX have been an appliance repair tech since 1992.
When you say you ohm'd out everything, did you take the broil element out, and replace it also? Or did you check it with the leads on also?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i have not replaced the element. how ever having burned out elements in the past, i bought and installed a new element and installed it. when the broiler still did not work i shearched further and discovered that the master control switch was fryed. i removed the new element, compaired the resistance with both elements and they were the same. the appliance store would not take back the new element because it was installed. it was worth the try any way. so i still have the new element, but am reluctant to install it and the new control switch and end up with the same problem, and out another $150.00, and still have the same problem.

thanks, bruce


And by tracing the wires back to the control from the broiler element, does it attach to P1-5 on the control from the broiler? And if does, did you check the wiring for tears thta could be touching to ground on the cabinet metal?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

with out pulling the back off again to retrieve the servicemans paperwork to see what pin etc., the first thing i did after finding the fryed switch was to inspect all the wiring. no problems. but all the parts manuals show a probe for a temp sensor. when i pulled off the left side of the unit to inspect all the wiring. on the back upper corner of that side there appears to be a nickle size thermo cut outswitch that is not shown on any of the parts drawings i can find. i was in the parts business for over 20 years so i know my way around manuals, and most parts. this disk if i remember correctly had two wires to the master switch. and if i remember correct there was a simular one toward the bottom of the oven on the same side. if need be i can pull the sheet metal off. thanks bruce


Thermo cut out switch is part#(NNN) NNN-NNNNbr/>Can be found here a picture of it.

Hope you get is going, thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


thank you, XXXXX XXXXX not in a position today to pull the stove apart. i was hoping to get some quick advice and part numbers to order. i can pull the unit apart thurs. a.m. can you be reached at that time via email or phone? in the mean time i will check out the web site you sent me. however i am not clear, is this a fix or just a parts page?



It is just a part page for the part you seen, Just Answer does not allow phone or email private conversations. However this question will remain open just come back when you have the time to try the things i mentioned. You should find links to this question in your email, when you reply i get an email to check back with you. But please don't forget to rate, rating does not close the question also. Thank you in advance.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks rick i'll check out the site and be back to you thurs.after i pull the sheetmetal.


No problem
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

rick, i just pulled the back off . the schematic shows a thermo cut off between L1 and P2-1 and P2-2. could this be my problem? this time, not only did the switch fry, but the connector on the broiler side of switch melted and the insulation around the terminal ends of the broiler element is badly scorched. help me!


This should be the :

I showed you earlier.
Something is touching your wires direct to cabinet, and the thermo may be shorted.
I would change it and it should fix it if all connections are correct.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


thank you. this stove came in my mobile home and is, like most things in a mobile home the lowest of low end. i've been wanting to upgrade it. to spend another $200.00 plus on it would be a waste of money. i've had to grind the foot pads on the burners to get them to sit level. the burner drip pans have shed all the chrome off. the oven heats unevenly and the racks don't sit level with the chassis.

you just made the arguement to my wife a whole lot more convincing.

again, thank you. it was worth the $30.00.



Good luck to you, and please don't forget to rate at least 3 stars or more, or i will not get compensated :)
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