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my propane oven has a strong popane smell, but I have plenty

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my propane oven has a strong popane smell, but I have plenty of propane
Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...Most often when this happens you will find a very small leak at the gas line connection to the stove..Take some liquid dish soap..mix a small part with water..Spray it on the connections to the oven..You most likely will see a bubbling at that point..If not and the connections are ok..Then you have a leaky gas valve inside the oven..Which will need to be replaced..A small pin hole leak can take a very long time to leak the gas out to a noticeable level......

Also i would hope that you do take the time to rate my answer at ok or higher form my time helping with your problem..If you have any further questions ..I will be standing by..Thanks Bob

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't get the smell from the burners, so I assume there is a separate connection to the oven. If so where would I find it and how difficult is it to replace the gas valve? Finally, since I only smell it when the oven is on, is there any danger at this point?




Todd.If you are only smelling it when the gas is on..Then you have a a leak at the gas valve or burner tube might be rusted to where the gas is escaping..nothing you want to mess with..i would have a licensed tech come take a look at it..No Not a good idea to use if you can smell leaking gas..This means the gas is not being ignited..Which means you have a possibility of a buildup of gas..Which can cause a explosion if ignited..

Also please remember to rate my answer to you at "OK" or greater before leaving today..If you do have any further questions i will be standing by..Thank You Bob

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