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I own a whirlpool side by side about 10yrs old. drain pan continually

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I own a whirlpool side by side about 10yrs old. drain pan continually fills to overflowing. drains are clear and fan working fine. I do notice a drip coming from water filter where rear hose goes into housing for filter. it drains into the condensate pan. thats my trouble. just need to know how to repair it. it doesnt seem to be cracked or broken. note: is original filter still installed.
Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...If the leak is coming from the filter and housing..Then most likely if there are no visible cracks then you may have a bad connection or worn hose at the filter housing..Are you able to provide a model number or better yet a picture of the troubled area..This way i can instruct you on how to go about making the repair..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry cant find any model number. hoses are one in front of the other and it appears to be hose that is furthest back. hose is made from semi ridgid plastic and dont see any connectors. looks like it is just pushed into housing and has a seal or sealant around it.

There should be a model number located inside the fridge section either on the wall or ceiling..Or behind the front bottom kick plate area..Just depend upon the model number as to which filter housing you have on yours..If you notice in the diagram the two small colored areas..This is where your waterlines go into the housing..To remove..Simply press in on the small round color tab..At the same time remove the housing..If the housing is leaking..Then it can be replaced also..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

after alot of searching found model #. it is as follows ed5fhgxkt02. my setup looks very much like what your picture depicts

Ok Great job on locating the model number..This is the exact housing yours will have..Remove the front grill..Take a flashlight ..Shine it in at the housing..You should be able to tell if the water is leaking from the housing or the hose itself..Like i said allot of times the hose will get brittle..Causing a pin hole leak..Which can be difficult to detect..If it is the housing..Then it can be removed..Press in on the color tabs..Pull the hoses out..Then remove the mounting screws to the housing..CLICK HERE FOR PART
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for help. will try that. if it is a small hole in the hose.can i trim some off and reattach or something else??

Yes you can clip it off and reattach...Good luck on your repair..

Also please remember to rate my answer to you at "OK" or greater before leaving today..If you do have any further questions i will be standing by..Thank You Bob

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