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Our LG Tromm wm1812cw washer was making load noises during

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Our LG Tromm wm1812cw washer was making load noises during the spin cycle. After the laod was done the washer smelled like burning rubber and was smoking. Any suggestions. Is this fixable or do we need a new washer?
Hi my name isXXXXX have been an appliance repair tech since 1992.
It sounds like the tub bearing is beginning to cease up, and causing, motor to belt friction.
If this is the case, buying a new machine would be more economical than repair. The job usually takes 2 hours, and usually 2 techs. The parts alone could run you over $300.00 then labor over $250.00. Other than breaking down the machine to find the issue of the tub not turning well, for assistance a towel wedged in between the two tubs, it may be worth it to have a qualified tech to come and diagnosis it at least in that case. But both cases is hard to determine with out total machine tear down.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think that sounds about right. The day it happened I was washing a small load of washcloths. My husband thought something may have gotten cought. We have used it since, but the smell is still coming out occasionally, and I am afraid to leave the house when the washer is working. It is five years old, and I wouldn't want to put that much money into it.

I would not recommend leaving the house while in operation either, i can tell you some horror stories of mass floods, etc. If you can get someone to remove the possible object it may be worth repair. I would recommend an qualified LG rep to do it.

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